Gospel Artist Celebrates Birthday with Widows, Donates Cash


Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

As part of his effort to give succour to the widows, a gospel ‎artist based in Abuja, Mr. Kenny Sam saturday celebrated his birthday with some selected widows, while also donating some cash to them.

Addressing the widows, he said the money being given to them was not gotten from rituals, or stealing or from doing the wrong things, but it was out of what God had blessed him with that he was extending to them.

‎He added that having been raised by a widow himself, he understands the pains and agony of widowhood, hence, his decision to celebrate his birthday with them and also empower them.

According to Sam, “basically, with the hardship in town today, you will agree with me that there are some people from January till now that have not been able to save N2,000. ‎ Out of the little God had given to me, instead of calling friends and buying drinks, why don’t I just‎ share it with them, and you never can tell what God can do out of it.”

Sam explained: “For me, this is the best birthday have celebrated, celebrating it with the widows for me it’s perfect‎. My mum became a widow 32 years ago. We are nine and we lived in one room. I’m coming here today to say God that lifted my mum up will lift you; all you have to do is to believe.

“That we have empowered these widows for me, it’s not just the widows we have empowered, the truth is that their children will benefit from it. We considered them because even scripturally it is important that we remember the widows,” Sam noted.

He stressed that the widows were selected online having asked them to send in their names‎, numbers and address. He said though they had a lot of names‎, but the first 25 widows were selected, and a sum of N20,000 was given to each widow.

However, in order to make more meaningful impact in the lives of downtrodden and vulnerable people in the society, Sam launched his Non-Governmental Organisation, Kennysam‎ Emancipation and Empowerment Project (KEEP), so as to continue his philanthropic work.

‎One of the widows that was empowered, Ms. Blessing Ogebe said it was like being shown love by someone who understands the pain of widowhood.

“When I heard about Kennysam‎ and that he was raised by a widow, and bring out something like this for widows I can see that the love that the mother had poured upon him made him really see pain of widowhood and by gathering us today to impact into our lives so that our children will not suffer. Out of the little he has given to us if we are able to put it into good use, tomorrow we will be able to raise our children to be like him.”