‘Tunmigbe’ Wows Lovers on Stage


Stage performance in Lagos, Nigeria was reborn recently when Nigeria’s number one indigenous Family TV series on Africanmagic Yoruba titled Mr. & Mrs. Kogberegbe Comedy maestro gave a scintillating genre-crossing performance in the much anticipated ‘Screen-2-Stage’ event tagged Tunmigbe meaning ‘Remarry Me!’. The show, Tunmigbe which was a wholesome representation of Nigerian diverse cultural heritage on stage through the use of music, songs, dance and drama using the Yoruba language took place in an entertainment laden atmosphere with the aim to revive the show of friendship in every relationship most importantly among married couples for a better and sane society.

The event, which hosted Nollywood finest and top celebrities in a mind-blowing stage- to-screen experience, witnessed two dramas titled; ‘The cook’ and ‘Religious prostitution’.

Creative Village production Executive Director who doubles as the lead actor for the TV series, Adebukola Olakanlu said: “considering the present depressed state of the economy as well as individuals, couples need to stick together and scale through the situation and this can work when they try as much as possible to have fun and laugh away their sorrow from time to time through casual dates in a relaxed laden atmosphere.” Also highlighted in the course of the programme were the prevalent issues of family matters, love, deceit, importance of trust and transparency in relationships as well as marriage, all narrated in the most comical yet entertaining way that left audiences giving resounding applause scene after scene.

Co-producer, Dunni Badru otherwise known as Mrs. Kogberegbe said: “we need to write our stories ourselves and not expect outsiders to do that for one. We own our history and can be in the best place to position them in the right order to other communities abroad,” Buttressing the relevance of the event to the every Nigerian families as well as love birds, Adebukola Olanrewaju Olakunle known as Mr. Kogberegbe noted that, “it is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages, thus, our main aim through our sit-com, Mr. and Mrs. Kogberegbe is solely to revive that show of friendship in every relationship most importantly among married couples for a better and sane society,” Oladunni added.

Kogberegbe family is a TV programme that brings to life fun moments and family connections addressing most marital issues in an interactive and dramatic act. Its themes cut across; to finances to morals, endurance, love, tolerance, external influences, commitment, to mention a few showing on African Magic Yoruba.