Marketing Your Startup


  I sometimes find it strange how everyone speaks about starting a business, and starting now! Or starting with your many doubts! How taking a leap of faith is so important in entrepreneurship. But not everyone focuses on how to earn the capital invested in that business or how to get people interested in your product or service.

So let us start this week by defining the word marketing because to be able to build on something you should at least know its definition.

Marketing is creating awareness of a product or service. As a startup the medium you use to create this awareness should be cost effective and strategic.

You must ensure that before you start marketing your business you know who your target market is. You must therefore do a research to find out the age, gender, and income status of your target market. This will increase your chances of getting your message across to your audience.

Social Media

 Do you know that you can create a buzz around your products and services for little to no cost on social media? Social media is the new wave of advertising. People are able to reach diversified markets in minutes because of social media. It is your job to get a social media management company like Image Boosters to audit your social media accounts and assist in running social media ads for your business. You can also sign up for free social media marketing courses online to learn more about leveraging on social media us for your business.

Ensure that you choose the perfect social media platforms for your business.  So for example if you’re a makeup artist you should ensure that you’re constantly updating your Instagram page to show potential clients your finished makeup looks.

Timing is also important when using social media; you should try to update your social media platforms at least 3 times a week.


 Your network is your net worth. People do not buy a product that they do not know of. You should start to look for thought leaders of your targeted market and attend their seminars so you can pitch your products or services to them. Ensure that you use the 3 fundamental rules of networking which are;

  • What to say
  • When to say it
  • Who to say it to

Ensure that you know your elevator pitch and the problem your business solves so that you get people interested in you and your business with just one sentence.


Email Marketing and Blogging

This is highly underrated. Not only can it fetch you extra revenue for your business it can also position you as a thought leader in your industry. Blogging is a way to get your name out there to the general public. Start by giving out information that is difficult to find, or by discussing topics that readers will usually pay thousands for.

Create a blog subscription to keep readers updated on your content and be sure to market your new products or services to subscribers but be careful not to let this be the focus of your blog. Spend more time engaging your audience than selling to them.


You should try to do giveaway campaigns to earn more impressions on social media and collaborate with reputable brands in your industry. Collaborations will help you leverage on the followers of the other brand, it will increase your exposure. Depending on whom you collaborate with, it gives added credibility to your brand.

About the Author

Debbie Larry-Izamoje AKA The Entrepreneur’s Best-Friend, holds a BSc in Information management from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom and Msc in management from University College London (UCL). She has also secured certificates in user innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Innovation and strategy from Harvard University.

She is on a mission to raise a generation of young established or soon to be established professionals who are more vocal about business difficulties while providing solutions through public speaking, article writing, training, workshops and coaching.

She is the founder of Image Boosters a Communications and strategy agency aimed at assisting SME’s, with core services in social media management and business strategy consultation.

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