Lagos Creates 40,000 Jobs with Cleaner Lagos Initiatives  

By Fadekemi Ajakaiye
As part of its job creation and empowerment drive, the Lagos State Government is creating 40,000 jobs through the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) which the government has embarked upon to reform the solid Waste Management sector in the state.
The Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare disclosed this while briefing the press midweek in Alausa.
He stated that the CLI, as a job creation and empowerment programme, included a Community Sanitation Workers (CSW) Scheme that would expand the scope of the current Street Sweeping Programme from 4,500 sweepers to 27,500 CSWs to cover all of the 377 political wards in the State.
He added that 377 Ward Resident Contractors (WRCs) would be engaged while a competent Human Resource Management Company (HRMC) would also be engaged to train and deploy the CSWs to each Ward Resident Contractors that would then manage and supervise their activities.
Adejare maintained that the Community Sanitation Workers would be fully kitted and equipped to sweep the inner streets and take care of vegetal nuisance in their communities and would receive several incentives which include: tax reliefs and healthcare, life, injury and accident insurance benefits.
He said that one of the major benefits of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative is that it would lead to the deepening of economic complexity to create numerous new business opportunities such as the fabrication of bins and equipment and provision of supply services among others.
According to him, “the Cleaner Lagos Initiative will further guarantee the vision of the Lagos Sate Government’s commitment to the realisation of a sustainable and habitable environment.”