Golden Globe Awards 2018 to Recognise Multiple Directors


Vanessa Obioha

With the few tweaks made to the governing rules of the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards, more directors stand a chance to scoop more awards at the show. A recent announcement showed an adjustment in the Best Animated Motion Picture category which previously recognized one or two individuals, a director and a producer. The new rule will now recognize accredited director or directors and will follow the Producers Guild of America guidelines for which producers deserve awards consideration.

Same rule applies for the Best Foreign-Language Motion Picture category. Where the award has previously limited winners to the movie’s director, the new rule recognizes the possibility of multiple directors on a foreign-language film. Another rule affecting this category include the compulsory scheduling of an official screening date with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association- organizers of the award ceremony- before entering a film in the awards. The deadline is N0vember 1, 2017. the 75th Golden Globe Awards will hold on Jan. 7, 2018.