Erelu Abiola Dosumu Still Dazzles  


 At 70, Erelu Abiola Dosumu still dazzles. Even as she is well advanced in age, she is radiant . If you meet her at an event,  you will take a second look at her in appreciation  of God’s  abundant mercy on her.

Many confirm that the Lagos high chief  still has a presence of mind that always wows her listeners.

She has a presence that is hard if not impossible to ignore and she can beat younger ladies in beauty contest as her radiance can pass for that of a young woman in her 30’s. The Lagos high chief is not only incredibly alluring but intrepid.

She is very fashionable. Indeed, her powerful dress sense and graceful steps are signpost of her evergreen beauty.

Her  simplicity and ability to understand trend remains the secret of her continued relevance in the fashion scene. Besides,  she is very aware of modern trends in the fashion world.