Ayiri Emami’s Magnanimity


If springing a surprise is an art,  it can be taken for granted that wealthy businessman, Ayiri Emami, has a compelling mastery of it. On several occasions,  he has done this,  to the  chagrin of his critics.

Strangely,  he is fond of showing  this side of him mostly when there is a  widespread rumour about his financial status.

It will be recalled that the  Ajuwaoyiboyami of Warri Kingdom  of Warri single-handedly sponsored hip-hop singer, Tuface Idibia’s Dubai wedding.  What shocked many then was that the gesture came at a time he was rumoured to be going through a reversal of fortune.

A few years after, he again sprang another surprise.  While  the recently concluded Big Brother Naija, BBN, was running, Emani,  also called Akulagba of Warri,  pledged to give N50 million and a Sport Utility Vehicle,  SUV, to Efe, one of the housemates, whether he won or not.

The pledge,  no doubt,  has further laid to rest the rumour making the rounds that he is broke.

It is, however, said that he doesn’t engage in the act as a show-off, but out of fellow-feeling to the people around him.