Air Peace Aborts Flight over Burst Tyre on Take-off


Chinedu Eze

An Air Peace flight from Lagos to Abuja was aborted on Monday by the pilot-in-command when he noticed a burst tyre while about to take off.

According to a statement from the spokesman of Air Peace, Chris Iwarah, the flight aborted the take-off at about 11:00 am and the passengers were transferred into another aircraft.

“At about 11am today, our Lagos-Abuja flight aborted takeoff at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos when the pilot-in-command suspected that there was an issue with one of the tyres of the aircraft.

“Passengers on board were transferred to another aircraft to ensure they did not miss their appointments. The passengers were all calm, as it was not a life-threatening incident. There was no question of air return as our very experienced flight crew noticed the development much before takeoff,” Iwarah said.

Details later…