#BreakFree Flashmob Surprises Shoppers at Ikeja Mall


It was such a spectacle at the Ikeja City Mall last Friday, when dozens of young people orchestrated a flash mob with a ‘BreakFree’ message, urging shoppers to break free from situations that limit them from actualizing their full potential.

The campaigners who wore shirts with the inscription: #BreakFree, held many people spellbound as shoppers stood to watch in amazement. There was dancing, singing, and some comic display while the spectators, who were thoroughly entertained, took photographs and recorded video clips with their mobile devices.

It remains unknown what the #BreakFree campaign is all about, many who witnessed the show said they believed it must be associated with something revolutionary, which they look forward to.

“This is very inspirational. They are motivating us to break free from things that hold us bound. So it’s a good message. I just don’t know who is behind this and what they want to achieve but they have entertained us and challenged us to break free. I’m going to sit down and think deeply to identify the things I need to break free from in order to live a life fulfilling life,” Deborah Adetutu, who came to shop at the mall, said.

When asked, one of the campaigners, Collins Abudu, said the #BreakFree campaign is aimed at empowering Nigerians to live in freedom, having the power to make their choices in life.

“This is about encouraging Nigerians to live outside the box and explore the various opportunities that they have in life.” he said.

The unique flashmob has since gone viral after it was published on social media.