Media Tasked on Balance Reporting


The Chairman of CAN, South South zone and Chairman Niger Delta Bishops Forum has tasked the media on balance reporting of events in the country.

He expressed dismay over the way some journalists choose to report news event from the angle that suit them, a development the cleric noted does not promote balanced, quality and development journalism. 

The cleric who expressed his concern over the way the sermon he preached  during former Delta state governor, James Ibori’s special thanksgiving service said his message titled Knowing the gift of God  has been watered down and given several interpretations by media practitioners and citizen journalists, some of whom did not even hear him preached

It would be recalled that Archbishop Avwomakpa said “Ibori was the point of contact that unites government with the church and noted in the sermon that the country needs politicians who would go into politics for the betterment of the land.” Consequently, he noted that in the history of Urhobo land, two people have made great impacts. One of such personalities, he noted was the late Olorogun Michael Ibru and the next is James Ibori. 

He noted that while in public office many politicians did not build a house for anyone even when they have the resources neither did they empower people especially the youth and upcoming politicians, but that Ibori built men and churches.

The clergy described Ibori as a gift of God and noted that just like people who God used to change the story of some generations, Ibori’s ordeal was like that of Samson, Paul, Joseph and so on in the bible who were enemies to the authorities yet they were loved by their people.

He gave example of Moses in the Bible who led his people out of Egypt despite the insistence of Pharaoh. He also compared Ibori to Samson who Israel did not know was their hero.

His words: “In the days of Samson people use his name to defeat their opponents just the same way many people have used Ibori’s name to make some inroads. Since God made man in his own image and likeness whatever man sees himself doing nobody should take away the fact that God has a purpose for allowing certain things to happen to any man. While describing Ibori as a gift of God, the clergy noted that all human beings are gifts of God  but that those privileged to be endowed with the potentials to deliver their people or the masses are not only gift of God but should be modicum of change”.

The Special Adviser on Media to the Arch-Bishop, Mr. Ovie Edomi quoted the cleric saying that though Avwomakpa made reference to men of old in the bible there was no time he compared Ibori with Jesus Christ.

“For some journalists to imply that Ibori was compared with Jesus Christ is misrepresenting the message of the Archbishop which is not good journalism. It must be stated without fear that Archbishop Avwomakpa as a preacher of the word in over five decades has remained an apostle of good governance and a soldier for Christ. Though he prays for men in leadership positions, he is known equally for preaching to men and women in power as well as encouraging Christians to work towards seeking holiness as well as leadership position so that when the righteous are in power the people will rejoice. It is expected therefore that a man of God of this standing who has transverse the globe with the message of Christ with great emphasis on holiness would speak the truth to God’s people. In fact those who know Archbishop Avwomakpa know that he is not a minister of the word that can never be influenced by man. To therefore suggest in some sections of the media that the Archbishop’s message described Ibori like Jesus Christ is most unfortunate and should be avoided by citizen journalists and reputable men of the pen so that in discharging the social responsibility functions media men will not cause more havoc to the society they serve”, Edomi added.