Valentine: LG’s Way of Creating Great Connection


The month of February is a special month of the year when the feast of Saint Valentine a great symbol of love is celebrated all over the world. It is imperative for consumers to take advantage of the opportunities provided by technology to further strengthen the bonds amongst loved ones and to better stay connected. To maintain healthy relationships, there is the need to consciously invest in them and make them a priority. Smart technological connected products offer opportunities for new functionality with greater reliability, higher utilisation and capabilities that go beyond established product limitation. LG smart technologies are readily available to help consumers create connections that will last long in their memories.

LG’s uniquely designed technologies rewards consumers with a new method of connecting people across the globe as well as freedom to make new choices. Smart technology has over the years been evolving to become a crucial component of the consumers’ everyday life. Obviously, no two users are the same, at a time when personal relationships are celebrated, the public should embrace the power of technology to strengthen their bonds with loved ones and feel more connected than ever.

Research has shown that by year 2020 the world is likely to have over five billion internet users with half of them having access to the internet through their handheld tablet devices with about 80 billion connected devices worldwide. This connectivity will spread to people’s daily lives bringing the three silos of work, home and surrounding environment into one seamless experience termed by Frost and Sullivan as “connected living.” This connected living will involve digital assistants that will guide our everyday lives, music that seamlessly move from our homes to cars. A new range of technology enabled services such as smart lighting, mobile working solutions and smart governance will define and shape everyday experiences.

However, LG’s advanced robotic vacuum cleaner provides is a good example of how the power of technology is being harnessed to make more time for loved ones without neglecting household responsibilities. Consumers’ emotional connection to products dramatically expands opportunities for proper identification of how consumers actually use the products to further enhance the company’s ability to design user-centric products. The Hom-Bot enables users to monitor their homes from anywhere in the world, which is in addition to tracking cleaning progress and the camera attached to it help to keep an eye on pets and provides a warning signal whenever there is an intruder. Smart connected products also create room for manufacturers to develop much closer customer relationship.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said: “the world we live in today is totally driven by technological advancement and LG being a leading brand in terms of innovative products is not resting on its oars to see that consumers have arrays of products that would help them fulfill their dreams by creating stronger connection between them and their loved ones. This is what I call purpose bonding,” adding, “we are poised to encourage sharing culture with richer users experience among consumers.”

The LG OLED TV with its breathtaking features helps consumers to connect better creating beautiful ambience of love and tranquility. Also worthy of note is the wide viewing angles the TV provides with the same quality irrespective of the viewers sitting position. There is always joy in the heart of consumers whenever they view their favourite movies from the comfort of their respective homes without having to bother about going to the cinemas to see a movie, as it is always the case during valentine celebrations. Surely, family ties would further be strengthened while newer relationships are built. LG Gas Cooker is in no small measure encouraging togetherness at home and helping families to bond better. A recent research has shown that children who have regular meals with their parents achieve better grades, establish healthier relationships and even do better in all ramifications. Home cooked meals no doubt help families trim down household expense. This is a must have for consumers who would love to enjoy sumptuous meal at home with their loved ones during this season of love.

Technology today has taken the centre stage in the life of consumers, encouraging creativity and innovations; there is indeed a thin line between creativity and connectivity that brings people of common interest together. Users have over time created platforms with the aid of technology to share cultural experiences on various social media platforms. LG Electronics is ever ready with its innovations to help consumers create the desired connection through its array of products in the market. Consumers must be technologically inclined to survive in today’s changing world.