From Wedlock to War…Estranged Celebrity Couple, Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida, Strap Up for War


•The plot thickens as estranged husband seek legal redress against talkshow hostess over ‘defamatory’ memoir

For Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida, the sweet music of their love turned sour in record time, like the stale juice of pierced grapes left for too long in the sun. Soon after Toke, a celebrity talk show hostess, and Maje, a fitness coach, called it quits with their marriage, discordant tunes continue to waft from both divides of the separated parties. And the reason is not far-fetched; in a very controversial tell-it-all memoir, Toke recently accused her ex-husband of infidelity, blaming him for giving her an STD. In response, Maje requested that she stopped the sale and promotion of the book.

The memoir which is titled: ‘On Becoming,’ details the topsy-turvy relationship between the two. Ayida made the request via a “Letter of demand,” written by his lawyers. The letter was allegedly sent last year, but it was not clear if Toke acknowledged its receipt. It will be recalled that Toke launched the book at a star-studded event last November, in Lagos. Predictably, Maje was angry by her portrayal of him in the book, and he hired law firms in the UK and Nigeria to stop its circulation. Maje’s counsel are Carter-Ruck, a UK law firm that also represents top figures like Simon Cowell, Elton John and Chelsea FC; and Kemi Pinheiro of Pinheiro LP who is heading the legal front in Nigeria. Maje had “requested legal separation” from Makinwa “within 6 months” of their marriage in January 2014 “when it became clear that the marriage was breaking down.” Toke was also alleged to have signed a legal separation agreement in July 2014. The letter said it was well-documented that the couple had agreed to separate by July 2014, which the book failed to record.

In the book, Toke accused her former husband of giving her STDs by being a serial cheat and adulterer. But the legal documents described the book as nothing but an “exaggerated fabrication” containing “defamatory words.” Maje therefore, asked Toke to retrieve the already-sold books, stop all forms of distribution and deliver same at a place to be agreed upon by him for destruction. He said her failure to do so and tender a full page unreserved apology to him in three national dailies “will result in the commencement of legal action.” But Toke has called his bluff by launching the book in Ghana while planning to launch it in London during the summer holidays.

Given her wild partying and life on the fast lane, you could be forgiven for wondering how Louise Priddy has been able to stay married. If you dig deep enough, you would find she adopts the practiced wisdom of the ancients. It is the kind of wisdom that keeps the unrepentant socialite safe and stable in wedlock, even as her peers crash and burn on tinsel lane.

A lot of folks didn’t believe Louise Priddy would still be married to her white husband, Mario, because of her fast paced lifestyle which includes serial clubbing and night prowling. Louise who was managing the family’s moribund night club years ago, was so popular among the island in-crowd. Back then, mention any wild partying with guys and town babes, and Louise’s name will come up. She was truly a rockerfella. Ask Maje Ayida, he will confirm this. Despite admitting the up and downs of their union, Louise is full of happiness over marriage to hubby Mario.

And she came all out to count the gains of the union in a public celebration of their union. Louise celebrated her husband and marriage in a post on social media platform some days ago. The public celebration of love signposts eight years of marriage and eighteen years together – with two children to the bargain. As you read, she has substituted her old ways of frolicking and wild partying on the social scenes with some modicum of sobriety and reservation.