WakaFlicks Hosts Movie Picnic in Lagos


WakaFlicks entertainment limited, a film distribution and promotion company that screens well-produced movies around Nigeria, over the weekend entertained cinema lovers to a relaxing movie picnic at the Jakael House Mini Museum. Located within the historic Railway Compound in Ebute-Metta Lagos, the three-day event held from February 2 to 4, showcased three Nigerian movies complemented with music, food and drinks in a convivial setting. The three movies screened during the evenings include: Ojuju, The Happyness Limited and Green White Green.
Ojuju is a Nigerian zombie thriller written and directed by C.J. Obasi, which has won an award for the ‘Best Nigeria Movie’ at the Africa International Film Festival.
The Happyness Limited, directed by Imoh Umoren, tells a tale about a badly deformed man on a quest to raise funds for a child in need of a surgery. Green White Green illustrates Lagos’ new generation and their journey in search for direction for their lives. Directed by Abba Makama, this movie was screened at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.
Following this picnic themed event, guests were allowed to bring their own blanket, food and drinks. The compound provided a truly relaxing ambience as guests were amazed by the Nigeria history that surrounds the edifice. Thanks to Legacy 1995, an NGO that has restored and maintained the condition of the Railway Compound. They were delighted to talk to guests, among whom were celebrities, about the history of the Nigerian Railway. With an app on Google and Apple store that contains movies, music, and event information, WakaFlicks is providing alternative to socialise and make an evening of the cinema going culture.
The aim, according to WakaFlicks, “is to unite filmmakers and the larger audience by bringing high quality movies to densely populated areas. “It is an entertainment experience that combines quality movies, music and food. It is not just about going to see a movie; but about the surprises and the feel of the local culture around the events.”