Adebola Adejobi: Good Night My Fighter, My Fixer!


Afolake Adejobi
Today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.
It has taken me five days to think of what to say and I’m still blank, I feel like I’m just floating on thin air, like the movies.

Just like that, you left me. Just like that. It made me realise the difference between life and death is less than a second. You were here and before I could say Dad… you took your last breath and just like that you were gone!

This is what you call a glorious exit, so many desire to pass on the way you did.
I remember how uneasy you were the whole day, asking me to do many random things until the final hour, when you said you did not want to be alone.

I watched it with my two eyes as you asked your maker for forgiveness of sins while listening to Christian music in the background. You then said thank you Jesus, Blood of Jesus. The repetition is so vivid I can still hear it, tears running down your cheek as you said “death is only a stop gap, now I’m YOURS, I’m all YOURS”. Yes, you are His, His son forever.

Thank you for the privilege of being part of such an occasion, thank you. Now I see God has always loved you before the foundation of the earth and He had predestined your life to an awesome exit.

As my fighter, you fought so many battles for me, even when I failed IGCSE and had to re-sit my papers. You never treated me like a dullard or a child who had disappointed his father. You knew I wasn’t an A-student, yet you supported me all the way and said I could do whatever I wanted; so far I put my mind to it. You were fearless, strong and the giant of the Adejobi family. My father feared no one or anything.

As my fixer, you always had the answer to all my problems. I knew that once I call daddy, all will be well and no matter how bad the situation was; daddy will always fix it.
You loved your children so passionately, that you could steal or kill for us, and all we needed to do was ask. Thank God it never came to that.

As my fine boy daddy, you were the bobo fine boy. Always had the right outfit and of course the famous sunglasses to match. You always commanded a presence wherever you went.
Each time we had to meet at an event, I was never ashamed; in fact, I was excited because I knew my fine boy daddy will be the talk of the town, no matter what you wore. You were a show off- my fly guy; your dressing was always on flick. You never had much hair, but always had a comb in your car to make sure nothing messed with your fine boy look.
As my friend, hmm…..

So many people only knew the official Adebola Adejobi, but I knew the very emotional, soft daddy. I remember the morning of my wedding, how we both stayed in your room for about 15 minutes before the day started and cried and cried like babies. It was beautiful, beautiful to see you had a soft side. I still watched my wedding video last December with a friend and my sister (Yinka), they both laughed at us and said, why were you and your dad crying so many times at the wedding?

The truth is, we had a special bond, and unbreakable bond. I could tell you anything and was never afraid you will betray me. There was no single day I would not call you, whether you picked your phone or not. It was just my routine.

As my father, you were my everything. Yes, we had our ups and downs like every other family and even in your passing; I still find things and have so many unanswered questions. But in all, you loved your children so much, even when we thought you didn’t, you still loved us.
Growing up as a child was a nightmare, because you were so hard on us, in fact too hard on us especially Olumide and I; but as we got older you became a softy.

I thank God for the matriarch of our family Bolajoko Adejobi, whom God had prepared for such a day, and I’m confident that with God on our side, we are more than conquerors.

In my final words, I know you had to go for something greater to happen. We both knew you had to leave, but I thought I would have been better prepared. I had rehearsed it over and over again in my head, but the truth is, I am weak. You were the one to always wiped my tears and say “Keke its okay”. Thank God for the son you found in Wale, and I know he will always be here for me.

I miss you dearly from my skin to my bones, my blood and heart; every part of me misses you. I still hear your voice every day especially before bedtime. But I know God needs you more than I do, so I say Good night fine boy daddy, Good night Popo Opebi as Darasimi would call you. Good night my fixer, friend and father, keep playing the drums and singing in the best choir any human being could ever dream of.

Till we meet again in Our Father’s paradise, I will always, always love you. Thank you for saving the best for last (Our song).