Praise Sam Ogan: I Will Beg God to Reduce My Boobs – They are Too Big

                                                                                                                                With velvety dark skin and curvy body, Praise Sam Ogan, can pass as a sexy screen goddess. But, the young and vibrant Nollywood actress portrays beauty and brain in a straightforward manner. Unequivocal and candid, Ogan talks about issues that many would only mention in whispers. In this interview with Oge Ezeliora, the gifted actress takes a look at her personal life, her challenges, her family and various roles in movies. She also reveals what she will ask God if she gets a chance to appeal to Him. Her big boobs top the items in her wish list

  • I Started Acting as a kid in Anglican Church
  • I Want to Be a Successful Woman and Great Mother


Why did you choose acting?

Ihave always had the passion for acting; I was born in the Anglican Communion, taking part in the church’s drama group. So the passion has been there. I didn’t just wake up one morning to be an actress.

What did you study in school?

I have a certificate in Foreign Languages and Literature (University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State); I also studied Mass Communication at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. State

Why didn’t you practise journalism?

I practise journalism and I still act. I am a freelance presenter. I used to co-anchor a programme – Personality, Places and Event – on Africa Independent Television (AIT). It is aired every Sunday. I also did my internship with Wetv (Wazobia) in Lagos. I was one of the anchors at the 2016 Lagos Carnival.

How did you combine acting and journalism?

Then, I rarely took up movie jobs. Because of time I couldn’t be on a set for a week when I have events to cover and prepare for the week’s airing. But now I am a freelancer. So it’s no longer a problem.

What movie brought you into the limelight?

I acted in about three movies four years ago before I stopped and went for my studies. Then I came back to the industry last year. I starred in a movie, ‘Assassinator’, (directed by Austin Fanni), ‘Warrior Sisters’, (directed by Micheal Jaja), ‘The Hustlers’, (King-size production), ‘Secondary Schoolgirls’ (1 & 2 production), ‘Hot Pants’, ‘The Virgin’s First Night’, (Pcollions production ), among others. The movie that brought me fame is ‘My Prophecy’. It was challenging and I acted with Yul Edochie and Ken Erics. It was very challenging because I played the role of a Ghanaian interior decorator, and as an upcoming actress playing a sub-lead with senior colleagues, you have to be at your best and trust me I was bold and focused, to the extent that I got commended by Yul. I spoke like a Ghanaian and behaved like one on set.

How did you get to act that role successfully?

As an actor you should be able to interpret any role given to you. In terms of languages, character, display and the rest. You just have to deliver. Although, I speak like them, my accent naturally sounds so. People ask me every day if I am a Ghanaian. So everything worked for good in the movie. I have been to Ghana. I watch a lot of their films, coupled with the love I have for Jackie Appiah.

Are your parents in support of what you do?

Yes, they are. Every member of my family is in support though I had issues convincing my dad. But now he appreciates and encourages me to put in my best. I am a preacher’s kid. I can’t forget my lines when begging him them: ‘Daddy, actors are like ministers too’.

Can you act nude?

I cannot act nude.

But can you kiss romantically in a movie?

Oh yes. I can, if the script says so.

But people see you as a preacher’s daughter; after watching your movies don’t they criticise you?

Yes, they do. It’s normal. I don’t think I am the only preacher’s kid in the industry. The truth is that people will talk. It is my responsibility not to drag my family’s integrity through the mud.

Can you have sex in a movie under bed sheet?

(Laughs) Everything we do on set is make-believe. Who wants to be having sex in a room filled with crew members and shots being taken? Come on! It’s not done. It’s not professional. I have never seen that happen.

What is your view about sexual harassment in the movie industry?

This question is too popular. The truth is, sexual harassment happens in every sector of the country. I don’t have a personal view, though it hasn’t come my way.

If you have to change anything about you in life what will you change?

Oh my boobs! I would (love to) reduce it. I am too busty for my liking. It causes unnecessary attention. If God comes now and says ‘my daughter what do you want me to do for you?’ I will beg God to reduce my boobs. Though they look so beautiful but there are dresses you want to wear but because you are busty you will not be able to do so. The worst part is anytime I enter a place the first thing people will notice are my boobs. That is annoying and so embarrassing.

But so many women wish they have big boobs?

Well, that is what they want. But I am not too comfortable with my big boobs. It is just too big and attractive. The only issue I have with my boobs is that I cannot wear a dress I love. When you are busty you have a limit as to what you can wear. I find that annoying.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Hmmm. Joseph Benjamin and Mercy Johnson; they are my crush for life. I love Mercy Johnson because she is a very good actress. I respect her a lot and I can’t wait to be on set with her. I recently missed a job that I was supposed to act alongside her. I was on set for another video, ‘Professor Johnbull’, the Globacom series. Anytime I watch her movies, I am speechless. She gives me goose bumps. I send her direct message always on Instagram.

Did you go into acting because of money?

No, I didn’t go into acting because of making money. I went into acting because of the passion I have for it. I am so passionate about acting. There is no much money like you think in acting. But truth should be told everybody wants to be paid for time invested in a venture or project. Even the Bible says every man should be paid his or her wages. But for me, the passion comes first before other things. I even forget to eat when I am working.

How did you feel the first day you faced the camera?

Wow! Without sounding boastful, I was bold before the camera that my director was so impressed.

What are some challenges you have faced in Nollywood?

Life itself is full of challenges. You know it’s not easy sailing through in any field as long as you are a fresher. Nollywood particularly is an industry filled with a lot of competitions. I strongly believe your ability to stand your ground will take you higher. In life, people tend to discourage you maybe because you are still a greenhorn. They try to stop you from becoming what you want to be unless you are determined. But I bless God for life. I am always focused. Nobody can discourage me. I know what I want in life. So no matter the challenges I pass through, I can never be discouraged.

Can you describe your childhood?

Growing up was fine; I grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State – Trans-Amadi, to be precise. I went to Seashell Nursery and Primary School and several secondary schools because my father was an Anglican priest. If you know the Anglican Communion style, they are always being transferred after two years. So it affected my education and that of my siblings.

What is your ambition?

I want to become great woman; successful in my field and celebrated beyond expectations.

Are you engaged or single?

I am not married. I think that’s all you should know for now.

Have you ever been embarrassed by a fan of yours?

I won’t call it an embarrassment but a surprise. I was a crazy local girl in the movie ‘Hot Pant’. I was sleeping with virtually every man that came my way – even pastors. A fan that watched it on YouTube ran into me at an airport and exclaimed: ‘Wow! Oh my God! Are you the girl in ‘Hot Pants’?’ I said yes. She hugged me so dearly and everybody was just starring. I was embarrassed though in a way. I never knew the movie was on YouTube. That experience made me to check the movie out on YouTube.

What do you cherish most in life?

My family.

What are your dislikes?

I dislike craftiness, dishonesty and embarrassment.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself being a great, successful woman and married with beautiful kids.

What is your advice for young ladies who are aspiring to become actress like you?

They should believe in themselves. Put God first. They should be focused in whatever they are doing. They should also be straightforward. The sky will be their starting point.

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