Ambode Urges the Youth to Work Hard at One Lagos Fiesta


The yuletide festival organised by the Lagos State Government has come and gone but the memories  linger, especially the advice and encouragement from the Governor  Akinwunmi Ambode . He promised the youths more jobs in 2017 and  urged them to embrace hard work.

Ambode, who spoke in Epe during the One Lagos Fiesta, an annual end-of-the-year revue put together by the State Government, said it was important for the young ones to cultivate the habit of working hard, as such would go a long way in making them to achieve their dreams.

While recalling his days growing up in Epe, the governor said he became the Chief Executive O%cer of Lagos State through the grace of God and hard work, assuring the audience that, his administration will continue to create the enabling environment for youths.

He said: “What I want to tell all of you is that we believe so much in all of you; we know that you are our future; I also started from here and today by the grace of God, I happened to be your Governor and so there will be many more Governors from this crowd.

“But if you want to be a President; if you want to be a Governor; if you want to a Doctor or you want to be a lawyer and so on, you must now work hard. So, even when you work hard, our duty as government is to provide the enabling environment for all of you and so we are going to create more jobs for our youths and also we will create more facilities so that you can crave on your talents to become more creative.” Besides, the governor said as a means of helping the youths to achieve their dreams, Lagos had already created the Employment Trust Fund (ETF), and urged them to take advantage of the Fund.

He added: “Those of you who are out of school or are graduates now and you don’t have jobs, the ETF is available for all of you. Between now and November next year, we are providing an Arts Theatre in Epe. It is going to be a 500-seater Theatre and we will also have a modern cinema here in Epe. “We are bringing a shopping mall to Epe also. We will create more jobs but I want you to be the best. I will support you and I pray that all the things that I have gained from here, you will gain better ones than me.” Speaking on the Fiesta, the Governor expressed excitement at the large turn out at the event, but urged the youths to continue to embrace peace and shun violence.

 “We are very excited to be here. We were here last year. This is bigger, its bolder and its better. I am so excited to see this large crowd here. It means that Epe is going places. I see a whole lot of our youth here present. I am happy that Epe has been peaceful and it has been calm and we are enjoying ourselves”. 

The One Lagos Fiesta was held simultaneously in Epe, Ikorodu, Badagry, Ikeja and Lagos Island. These are the faces of the people are at the fiesta.