Shaping the Year Ahead with Smart Technological Trends


There is no doubt 2016 was quite an interesting year for consumers of electronics products all over the world, as the finest of innovative breathtaking products were introduced into the market with leading electronics brands choosing to bring consumers up to speed with imminent technologies. One of such companies is LG Electronics with its advanced and avant-garde products.

As the year begins in earnest, LG is again poised to impact the electronics industry on various fronts. 2017 obviously, will see the debut of more exciting technology than ever before.

However, in keeping with the company’s reputation for leadership, the company is also planning to showcase its line-up of innovative breathtaking new products to the market. LG has a history of setting trends and the company aims to interrupt the business-as-usual mindset that prevails in several key markets.

The pace at which technological innovations are taking over the world today is quite remarkable. Consumers are anxious to know what new innovations to expect in 2017. Strategic technology trends are potentially unsettling in nature with the ability to break out of an emerging state into a broader spectrum. Information and communication technology has grown in leaps and bounds in the past decade than ever before. Technology experts are of the opinion that the year 2017 will most likely experience implosion of more technological innovation into the market.

“For LG the year is fully loaded with great products that will be trendsetting and perfect for smart homes, which will further shape the year changing the narrative of technological innovation. Indeed, 2017 is a promising year for us, as we intend to upscale existing products and also introduce newer ones that will meet the needs of our consumers,” Head, Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said.

The company’s consistent strong performance in the market has provided great insights into the path it will take. The next generation of TVs poised to enter the market in 2017 promises to provide the most brilliant range of colours and the clearest displays yet created. Industry mainstays will be anxious to draw attention to the advances made in colour technologies in 4K, 8K and OLED displays to build enthusiasm for the next wave of TVs.

LG will be making inroad into the automotive industry in 2017 to take advantage of its IoT expertise to find new areas of growth. Experts have envisaged that about 60 per cent of new cars that will be sold during the year would most likely have IoT features. Previously the company has gone into partnership with Volkswagen to develop a connected car platform. Basically, the whole idea was to develop technologies that would make it possible for drivers to control and monitor smart devices at home right from their cars and give notifications about real-time driving situations that will promote safer driving. LG also has a relationship with Toyota and GM as a supplier of key components for smart vehicles.

The latest LG robot collection will be on display at LG’s CES booth. As one of the industry’s early innovators of robotic vacuum cleaners, LG’s lineup would not be complete without the industrial-sized robot vacuum. LG’s airport cleaning Robot is a super-sized robot vacuum equipped with a large-capacity dust canister as well as multiple brushes and motors. It is capable of cleaning everything from tiles to carpet floors, this robot is equipped with the latest in smart sensors and multiple cameras to ensure a safe, effective and powerful performance in even the most crowded airports.

As part of technologies that would help to shape the year LG would be unveiling its latest flagship door-in-door refrigerator, which features a 29-inch touch LCD display made possible by the InstaView feature attached to it. With just two knocks on the screen it instantly turns transparent making it possible for users to see inside the refrigerator without necessarily opening the door. Consumers should expect better life experiences with highly sophisticated innovative products that LG Electronics would be bringing their way in 2017, there is no mincing words saying life is indeed good with LG.