Lord Chosen: When Mgbidi Came Alive


Mary Ekah
Mgbidi, a quiet and sleepy village in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State came to live once again when it was at the beginning of this year invaded by over one million Christian faithful from different countries for the annual International Crusade of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement (LCCRM), tagged, ‘What God has determined shall be done’. Over 50 nations across the continents of the world converged in Mgbidi in Imo State for the 2017 annual international crusade adjudged to be the mother of all crusades organised by the church in the recent past.

The worshipers who were over 1.5 million in number gathered at Chosen International Secondary School, Mgbidi, which is now the permanent venue for the annual international programme. The event afforded worshippers the opportunity to worship and pray to God for better things as the year began.

Little wonder that the General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka had promised before then that, “Almost the whole world are converging at Mgbidi this year and we are going to experience what we have never experienced before because God is coming down in His power mightier than ever before and He is going to fulfill His prophecies concerning that place because He said, in the last days the mountain of the Lord shall be established on top of the mountains and all nations shall flow into it. That mountain is this ministry and the Mgbidi crusade venue is the physical mountain where we gather every year and when we come there, all problems are taken away and that makes it unique.“

There was no doubt therefore that the little village saw an incredible overflow of human and vehicular stream of traffic. The large expanse of land covering over five thousand hectares were filled to the brim by worshipers who defiled the surging sun and stayed in the open ground with a determination and commitment to get their blessings from God. The young and aged prayed to God for solutions to their diverse problems during the three-day crusade.

No doubt, miracles and deliverances were in abundance. The sick, including the lame, the blind, the paralysed, the deaf and dumb received healing. The weak was made strong, the oppressed was set free, salvation was granted to many and there was great Holy Ghost impartations by divine prayers and words from Pastor Muoka.

Thousands of worshippers slept on the crusade ground even before the crusade commenced on Friday, January 6. On the first day of the crusade, as at 8:00am, over a million people were already present when the programme officially kicked off with songs and praises by the chorus leader.

Business activities boomed, as members of the community and those in neighbouring towns and villages sold various items to the visitors smiling home with huge sum of money. Landlords and other property owners also used the opportunity to make quick money from their property, which they rented out to food vendors and other businessmen and women. Due to high demand for accommodation, some landlords temporarily vacated their apartments and rented them out to the visitors. Vehicle owners, who could not secure parking spaces within the crusade ground, ended up paying huge sums daily to get their vehicles parked for the three days that the vent lasted.