Wicked Rumours

Despite the prevailing harsh economic conditions in Nigeria, no one really wants to die, not now, not ever. Now imagine a person wishing another person dead just for personal or selfish reasons. That is pretty low, some are wont to say, but then this country is peculiar in several aspects. Over the past few days, the media space has been awash with “news and facts” about the purported sudden demise of the President, after he chose the first month of the year to take a vacation of ten working days in the United Kingdom.

The C-in-C was alleged to have died in a German hospital and pronto, the rumour spread like wildfire both at home and abroad. Although the President’s image makers didn’t manage the situation well initially, some released pictures have helped to dispel the vicious rumour which had sinister undertones. Who wants the President dead, one may want to ask? This reporter can identify at least three sets of people who certainly do.

The first set has those greedy elites who have corruption cases hanging around their necks and are scared of jail time and assets forfeiture. The next set has those selfish politicians who only profit from chaos instead of positive development. The last set has those citizens who no longer enjoy business as usual under PMB. To these groups, it is better the President leaves the stage rather than channel his energies into making Nigeria a better place for all. But, to many citizens including this reporter, Mr. President presents the best realistic chance for Nigeria to finally be free of corrupt cabals, and for the country to enjoy the gains of democracy. It is in the interest of everyone if he remains alive…..a noble task…

– Abimbola Akosile