Our Products Thrive in Recession, Says Jaiyeola


Mary Ekah
The current economic recession notwithstanding, Honeywell Flour Mills’ array of products still remain the toast of consumers, Managing Director, Mr. Lanre Jaiyeola has said. Speaking during the just concluded Olumide Oyedeji Intercollegiate Basketball competition at the University of Lagos, he noted that while many manufacturing outfits are winding down due to the inclement business environment, Honeywell is thriving, as its products remain affordable.

“For consumers of Honeywell range of products, there cannot be a better time to consume products of this nature than now for the single economic fact that these delicacies are the cheapest meal you can find in the Nigeria market. We have carried out extensive research looking at the price per gram of various food items and one thing is very clear that the like of Honeywell Semolina, Honeywell Wheat meal, Honeywell Noodles, Honeywell Pasta come out to be the cheapest of all ball food, of all grains that you can buy in the market today,” Jaiyeola said.

On the competition co-sponsored by Honeywell Flour Mills, he said it was a way of developing the mind of the youth, identifying and promoting expertise and developing the youth in their chosen sport, adding that it was yet another opportunity for Honeywell to partner with Olumide Oyedeji, who himself was an ex international NBA player as well as support the state and indeed the country in developing basketball and sports in Nigeria.

Soliciting more government support and attention for basketball, Jaiyeola said a brighter future awaits the game in Nigeria going by performance of the players. He described the competition as a huge success, adding that the game will improve tremendously if government gives it proper attention. Explaining Honeywell sponsorship of the competition, he said, “In efforts to make the society feel our impacts, we have made basketball a choice, not just to discover talents, but also to build talents. Beyond that, it is also to remove the youths from the streets, from social vices and make them have a direction to realize a dream by building a career.”

According to him, Honeywell will continue to support good cause especially those that have to do with grassroots development in sports, adding, “Our focus is to support every activity that will take youth away from negative vices, we consider this yet another social responsibility which falls under the three pedestals that we have positioned ourselves as a company to operate in, the first being education, and you will agree with me that sport comes under education.