Peter Uzoho
One of the leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in the country, Rite Foods Limited, has introduced its beef sausage (Rite Beef) into the market; a move it said was to give its consumers what has never existed before, and to assert its leadership position in the industry.

Speaking to a group of journalists on the sideline of a tour round the company’s factory in Ososa, Ogun State, recently, Managing Director, Rite Foods Limited, Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, stated that introducing the product was to show its responsiveness in meeting with consumers’ demand.

He noted that with over 22 years of existence, the company has always had products in the market that even its competitors do not have.
“We have a pride in the market. We have products in the market that nobody has. Take a look at beverage; we have the tropical which is not in the market. If you want that taste you have to buy an imported product to have that taste, and we’re giving you that imported taste at 10 per cent the price you buy an imported taste.

“So the Rite Beef we’re bringing to our consumers is to give them a fantastically refreshing sausage with unique flavor without a change in price. We’re not really looking at the price, we are concerned about satisfying our teeming reliable customers and we cannot stop doing that,” Adegunwa said.

He also said, “In terms of what is unique about us, it’s the fact that we’re not followers in the market, we are leaders. We always have something in the market that the competitors don’t even have.”