Talkstuff  to Reshape Youth Engagement, Says Adebayo


Following the successful introduction of Talkstuff  a web platform to  Nigerians   and the successful launch, the Minister of Communications  Adebayo Shittu has explained that the event represents a new vista in our collective resolve and drive to evolve a workable synergy and positioning of the ICT for inclusiveness.

Shittu who spoke recently when he formally unveiled Talkstuff , said that the platform would reshape youth engagements and interactions while expressing joy to be part of the project. “My presence should serve as an impetus and inspiration to the youths’ and attestation to the Government’s commitment to empower ICT start-ups in Nigeria, given our geography and demography”

The Minister who was impressed by the strides of the CEO of Talkstuff confirmed that he would recommend the platform to the Government and particularly his colleagues at the Federal Executive Council so as to support the initiative and encourage other Nigerians

The CEO of Talkstuff Rachel Ogbonna explained that talkstuff had succeeded in developing and creating a robust single platform. “This is building  a community where all social, political and economic development campaign could be initiated, unlike other platforms, making the platform user centric with better experience”

Ogbonna said recent advances in ICTs had been seen as important vehicles for accelerating the development of information exchange and knowledge as valuable commodities. “Exactly a decade ago the World Bank and the World Economic Forum attested to the fact that economic development of any nation depends on the overall progress of its ICT sector.

 According to Ogbonna,  “talkstuff is the platform where you can experience a time for yourself to relax within  the market place, opportunities  to list your business and of course,  forums to access variety of ideas’’

The Communications Minister who corroborated the Talkstuff CEOs assertion disclosed that the ICT sector was a fast growing one with unlimited possibilities tasked governments and non-governmental organisations to do more in promoting ICTS” These days ICT effectively shows new dimensions to old institutional arrangements. It is in view of the boundless opportunities ICT offers that the Ministry has made concerted efforts to collaborate with the organised private sector to further have the opportunity of exploring the unbelievable potential of ICT.”