Intrigues as Magistrate Court Orders Arrest of Oluwo of Iwo


•Uneasy calm settles on Osun Township as residents rue imminent arrest of first class monarch
Has the ancient town of Iwo’s most prized throne been desecrated by the hide and bloodline of a ‘petty criminal?’ Is it really true that the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, is an ex-convict and common criminal? Following a summons issued to the King by a magistrate court in Osun state, the court has subsequently issued an arrest warrant on the traditional ruler. The arrest warrant was issued due to the refusal of the monarch to honour a court summons issued in November to answer to a suit filed against him by another monarch, Oluwo of Iwo-Oke, Oba Kadiri Adeoye. Oba Adeoye who accused the Oluwo of Iwo of concealing some facts about his past before he was installed as a first class monarch about a year ago.

Channels TV reported that the monarch was also accused of keeping armed thugs around to oppress, molest and attack his antagonists. The affidavit also stated that the monarch was involved in the internet fraud commonly known as ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ operating from inside his palace. The plaintiff also claimed that Oba Akanbi forged his name to obtain travelling documents to the United States where he was allegedly jailed in New York City and was deported to Nigeria in 2000. He also stated that the monarch later traveled out with his real identity to Canada in 2001 and got the Canadian citizenship but was again arrested in Toronto and was in jail between 2006 and 2007.

Dapo Ojora dreads the limelight as the buffalo dreads the gnat. The high society socialite and scion of the prestigious Lagos family, the Ojoras, keeps a wide berth from publicity and the social scene even as you read. Thus with the demeanor of a hermit, he evades the brilliant blaze of media mention and klieg lights. But what could be responsible for the once bubbly socialite’s sudden withdrawal from the social scene?

Findings revealed that Dapo decided to take a long break from the social scene immediately after he survived a bike accident. It would be recalled that he gave his family, friends and other loved ones a terrible scare in the wake of the ghastly accident; too many of them feared he would not survive the deadly crash but he did. And ever since, Dapo beat a retreat from the public. He withdrew into his shell, carefully shunning every attempt by his friends and family to lure him out of his cocoon of anonymity.
At the moment, Dapo is showing extreme restraint, preferring to live as a recluse. Findings revealed that, in the wake of the accident, he awakened to several of life’s bitter truths. He realised that were it not for the grace of God, he would have crossed to yonder. Suddenly, he attained a rude understanding of the transience of life: you are here today, you could be gone the next second.

While the once popular socialite cools his heels in incognito mode, his friends, family and business associates can hardly wait to have him re-emerge on the social scene. To too many of them, street life has become a very boring party without Dapo. Perhaps Dapo will do their bidding and quit his self-imposed exile, perhaps not. Until then he would remain very committed to his intimate romance with solitude.

Since they plotted their way into infamy and disgrace, Canadian sex vixens, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo have been cooling their heels in the custody of Nigeria’s law enforcement agents. The good life as they knew it is virtually over for the siblings that terrorized Nigeria’s high society via blackmail, cyberbullying and extortion. It would be recalled that the sisters met their waterloo courtesy their ploy to blackmail prominent billionaire and Forte Oil boss, Femi Otedola. The latter however, proved to be more than their match as he cleverly goaded them into believing he was a helpless prey, only for the sisters to discover that he had led them into a trap. Following their arrest and prosecution at the Yaba, Lagos Magistrate Court, news of the sisters’ arrest has crossed the country’s borders to become sensational news abroad.

Just recently, the Toronto and Sun newspapers published news of the Matharoos’ sad descent. They highlighted the fact that they have been accused of running a slanderous website, Naijagistlive, with aims of extorting money out of wealthy Nigerian men until they were apprehended by the long arms of the law. Immediately after their arrest, the sisters made a confessional statement revealing that they are the ones behind the controversial website: “naijagistlive.” They also allegedly confessed that they had slept with 232 Nigerian men, all deep pockets.

More importantly, the sisters were said to have issued a heartfelt apology to Otedola, urging him to forgive them for their plots to blackmail and extort him. Before they met their match in Otedola, the sisters had dealt ruthlessly with a lot of Nigerian billionaires. Using their slanderous website, they had wrecked many homes and destroyed the peace and reputation of many of their unsuspecting clients.

They apparently failed to do their homework about Femi Otedola. If they did, they would have discovered that he is never an easy mark for blackmail or witch-hunt of any sort. It would be recalled that the Forte Oil boss was the one who revealed the true nature of prominent lawmaker, Farouk Lawan, in an elaborate and very sordid bribery saga. Otedola, stated his associates, never cringes from tormentors. He soon turns the table against them by hunting them and bringing them down like a war-hardened military general.