The World’s Fastest Electric Car


Are you ready for a huge number rollercoaster? Because having as many horses as a Koenigsegg One:1 paired with instant torque delivery is only the beginning of the NIO EP9’s capabilities.

What makes this the fastest electric car on the planet? Well, a peak output of 1360 horsepower certainly helps, and so does a combined peak torque of 4671 ft.-lb. thanks to packing four 1091 ft.-lb. inboard electric motors at the wheels. Four-wheel drive and torque vectoring is given just like on a Rimac Concept One, and so is an active suspension with 4-way adjustable dampers and a hydraulic third actuation for ride hight control.

What’s more, British NextEV’s new brand NIO promises a range of 265 miles to go with this 777 Volt powertrain coupled with a pair of indirectly water cooled lithium-ion battery packs.

The chassis of the EP9 is a full carbon fiber tub built to FIA LMP1 standards, which you will need given that the performance claims include a 10.1 quarter mile time, a 0-124mph sprint of 7.1 seconds, 2.53 G in cornering at 143mph, and a 194 mph top speed.

For those track days, the EP9 also comes with 19-inch wheels wrapped in custom slick tires, massive, six-piston carbon-ceramic brakes, an active rear wing and twice the downforce of a current F1 car.

These are all pretty steep claims from NextEV, but so was that they’ll break the EV record around the Green Hell. And they just did that:

The NIO EP9 weighs 3825 lbs, of which the battery pack counts for 1400 lbs.