Honour for oil and gas wizard, Funso Lawal


For those who are conversant with happenings in the nation’s oil and gas industry, the name Otunba Funso Lawal (CON), evokes the image of a giant; hence, he means different things to different people.

In recognition of his efforts,  he was,  again,  deservedly rewarded with the Lifetime Merit  Achievement Award during  the end -of- the-year dinner organised by the prestigious ‘Petroleum Club’ (the club was conceived about nine years ago by Godwin Ihetu  and him) last week in Lagos .At the well-attended  event,  many of the guests eulogised the Ogbomosho,  Oyo State-born Chairman of Sogenal Oil and Gas and lauded his contributions to the growth of the club.

Over the years, ‘The Petroleum Club’ has helped to re-shape the down stream sector and over haul the oil sector in general, as its has created a platform where the industry’s professionals can come and discuss issues that have to do with the industry and also help proffer solutions with feasible ideas.

His inspiring story started a long time.  Today,  he is a big player in the  Nigeria’s corporate world, with inspiring and intimidated resume. Besides,  he has made worthy  contributions to the nation’s political scene,  even without making so much noise about.

This billionaire businessman  is one of the  few in Nigeria who can rub shoulders with other celebrated business tycoons around the world.