Intelligence Report: How DSS Arrested Terrorist Who Planned to Strike in US

  • Says most wanted terrorist in custody

Iyobosa Uwugiaren in Abuja

Reviewing what he described as “global security threat,” a top intelligence officer at the presidency yesterday in Abuja said the Department of State Services (DSS) was capable of detecting any security risk in the country, assuring the Nigerian public to have trust in the agency in dealing with any national security issue.

To buttress how sophisticated the secret agency has become in the past few years, the intelligence officer revealed how the agency some weeks ago busted a terrorist planned attack to be carried out in the United States.

“When it comes to intelligence gathering, the DSS is well-respected in the international community. Hardly a day passes by without at least seven countries asking from us one favour or the other. When it comes to intelligence gathering, the agency is well-respected.

‘’A few weeks ago, the agency busted a terrorist planned attack that was to be executed in the US, and the security agency received huge commendation from the US authority. It also arrested one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, and he is currently in Nigeria’s custody; he was responsible for many killings and bombings in 2012 and 2013 in Nigeria,’’ he stated.

The security officer added that there had been a huge difference in the intelligence gathering and operation of DSS in the last few years, saying there is no security operations that takes place in the country without intelligence report from the Service.

Describing some politicians as “worse than Boko Haram members,” the senior intelligence officer at the presidency accused some politicians of overheating the nation’s politics for their selfish interest.

He added that “some of these politicians don’t have the interest of the nation at heart in whatever they do. They are worse than Boko Haram terrorists. They talk as if there will be no tomorrow; no personal interest is greater than the national interest.

“Some politicians are dragging our nation to dangerous trend; we need to collectively call them to order and regulate their political activities. If we don’t collectively protect our nation, we will become victims of the crisis they want to create.”

Defending some of the actions of the secret security agency especially as it concerns arrest and detention of suspected terrorists which had received hard criticisms from the media and the civil society groups, he said act of terrorism has global standards.

“Look at the incident that recently happened in Berlin, Germany, where a suspected terrorist rammed a truck into Christmas market; all those linked with the incident were arrested, while one or two of them were killed in different countries.

“But if the incident had happened in Nigeria, some human rights lawyers would have filed different suits in court, challenging the fundamental human rights of the suspects.

“Nigerian security agencies can afford to do the same thing in Nigeria because they have the same training with their colleagues in other countries. But by virtual of their religious belief, they are not in a hurry to take life. The patriotism they have always displayed is uncommon,” he added.

Stressing the agency’s commitment to fight terrorism and the need to be more firmed on terrorists, the intelligence officer said after the 9 11 terrorist attack in the US, there was an agreement in the global community that terrorists should be killed notwithstanding the kind of weapons they are carrying.

While also admitting the biting economic recession in Nigeria, which had created some social challenges for the country, the source advised Nigerians not to give up in their path to overcoming it, saying the present economic recession is a global matter.

He said there are countries worse than Nigeria in the economic difficulty, and advised the citizens to moderate their comments in order not to unnecessary expose themselvesby creating wrong impression about their country.