Power: NEMSA Pegs Maximum Meter Testing Failure at 7.5%


Chineme Okafor in Abuja

The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), which undertakes statutory technical regulation in Nigeria’s electricity supply industry has said that the maximum failure rate it would allow in the testing and certification of meters for use by electricity distribution companies (Discos) in the country would be 7.5 per cent.

NEMSA stated that if the failure rates of meters, which the 11 Discos bring to its testing station, are above that level, it would condemn the quantities of such meters brought to it and subsequently ban it from being deployed to homes and offices by the Discos.

The Managing Director of NEMSA, Peter Ewesor made this disclosure during a press briefing in Abuja to sensitise electricity consumers in the country on the standard expectations from the meters that Discos install in their homes and offices.

Ewesor explained that while it was the job of the Discos to provide meters to their customers, it is also the responsibility of consumers to verify the authenticity and working conditions of meters supplied and installed by the Discos.

He said undertaking such task would ensure that consumers do not lose money from incorrect meter readings and energy losses.

“Prior to the installation of any meter, every meter or metering equipment shall be submitted by the Disco to a meter testing station for routine tests and certification and this shall be confirmed by the attachment of a seal or certification sticker for the individual meters and metering equipment.

“The NEMSA Act 2015 specifies NEMSA to test, calibrate and certify all electricity meters and instruments used in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI). And there are various types of meter test, which include type test, routine test and recertification test,” said Ewesor.

He further stated: “The meters to be deployed in the NESI must meet these mandatory tests requirements as specified in the Nigerian Metering Code Version 02 but we will not allow a failure rate that is above 7.5 per cent in our testing of meters.”

“7.5 per cent is the maximum failure rate we will allow, it is supposed to be a no-failure at all status but we decided to allow this, if it goes beyond that level, the meters will be considered completely useless and no allowed to be deployed in the sector by the Discos,” he added.

Ewesor stated that for every number of meters brought to NEMSA’s testing station, 10 per cent of it would be randomly picked for testing. He also noted that the Discos were beginning to comply with the mandatory meter testing requirements.