Yet Another Silver Spoon Marriage…Kano Monarch, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Gives Out Daughter’s Hand in Marriage


•Kano agog as Emir plans splendid wedding for daughter, Siddika
The faults that mar the commoner’s hard-earned marriage hardly afflicts the wedlock of the rich – the faults of impoverishment, faults of denial and other extreme inadequacies to be precise. This is because the rich seldom marry outside their class. Often times, a filthy rich kid marries into a super rich family. Thus money mixes with money and fortune meshes with class. Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi’s daughter, Fulani Siddika, is set to marry Umar Kurfi next weekend, December 23, at the Emir’s palace, Kofar Kudu, Kano. Emir Sanusi is ready to give his daughter a wondrous wedding ceremony. Kano will list and the thrills of Eden or something like it will be evoked as the beautiful daughter gets married to her fiancé. Sanusi will pull all the stops to honour his daughter with a grand wedding ceremony. He is known for his unabashed classiness and penchant to play the infallible host anytime the occasion calls for it. He has decided to treat his daughter with an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Thus as you read, there is excitement in the house of the emir and palpable exhilaration amongst the citizenry in the State.

The blogosphere was on fire throughout last week. The news was everywhere that Tunde Folawiyo, the scion of Folawiyo dynasty, put smile on Sunny Ade’s face. Amid the raucous of commerce and evilly disposed strife, oil magnate, Tunde Folawiyo, shuffled his way to the sound of music. According to the report, Folawiyo discarded the garment and mien of cutthroat commerce to celebrate Juju maestro, King Sunny Ade. As the musician celebrated his 70th birthday at the Federal Palace Hotel, Ikoyi, Folawiyo made a grand gesture to him by purchasing his guitar for a whopping N52.1million. But in another news, the Temple Management Company said that its chairman, Tunde Folawiyo did not participate in the bid contrary to widespread reports that he purchased it.

However, Folawiyo, the son of late Nigerian businessman, Wahab Folawiyo, was recently enmeshed in bitter disagreement with his business associates over proceeds of the newly operationalised Aje oil fields in Lagos. Few weeks after investors shared the first income from the Aje oil field, offshore Lagos, a dispute has arisen among the partners, calling the future of the project into question. Several weeks after the sharing of the income from the first export from the oil field, a disagreement erupted among the joint venture partners over cash call. One of the partners, Panoro Energy, an independent exploration and production company with assets in Nigeria and Gabon, disclosed this in an update.

Lagos lists to the heart that gives. Most particularly, the heart that blends every willful thrust with the most ingenuous stride; but rarely does the city where dreams are dashed and hopes are birthed almost with the same intensity play host to such creative allure as that of Bunmi Ajisafe, the brain behind Terminal 3.

Terminal 3, a brand new restaurant and lounge, strategically located on the upper floor of the popular Lagos City Mall, is already creating serious buzz amongst the Island in-crowd. Not just because it has taken over from the defunct SWE bar, it is more because the Terminal 3 provides a cozy ambience with impressive table setting that adds a romantic atmosphere to dining. On one side, there is a small lounge area where customers can have a quick drink before their meal. The owners truly went off the beaten track to give patrons a memorable time. As you enter into this truly unique world of comfort, service and style, one of the first things that would arrest your attention is the sheer architectural delight and pristine environment which make it an ideal place for pleasure and business. Everywhere is spick and span and has the halo of paradise.

Everywhere feature uniquely designed interiors with contemporary furnishings with elegant styling and attention to detail. It is therefore worthy of note, and essentially to the credit of Bunmi and her new business that life and good activities have returned to the City Mall. The hardworking CEO of Terminal 3, is actually upbeat on the prospects of business in the premises as she promised more innovations into her food and light-entertainment business. Of course with a successful insurance guru as husband who is trusting and continuously rolling out the money, Bunmi has little worry in injecting creativity into spending and driving favourable returns on investments.