Tribute to Lady Ngozi Ozumba


By Lady Chizoba Nwana

Lady Ngozi Philomena Ozumba was an inspiring soul who was always there for all who came to her with their troubles. She was a Loving, Humble, Compassionate, Understanding and Family orientated woman and one of the most beautiful souls one could ever meet.

She was born as the third child out of twelve Children into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Cecilia Ayekeson of Ifite Village in Enugwu Agidi in the year 1947 at Abakiliki of present Ebonyi state in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

She began her primary education at St Patrick’s Primary School Abakiliki and greatly excelled in her academics especially mathematics, passing her standard six with distinction. She was always very analytical and detailed, taking time to analyze every situation and proffer solutions to problems as they arose. Her dedication and commitment to Academic excellence was evidenced by the fact that her position in class never fell below third through her years in Patrick’s primary school. Her exceptional brilliance also rubbed off on all her children as they are all graduates of various professional disciplines at both first and second degree level. However circumstances beyond her control prevented her from furthering her education. It is very clear that she would have excelled had she done so.

She got married early to Sir Simon Ozumba of uruekwo village of Enugwu-Ukwu in the year 1966.The marriage was blissful and blessed with 6 children. Her commitment and contribution to the educational pursuits of all her children  is evident in the fact that all of them- Mrs Uju Dan Okekearu, Mrs Ebele Okpala, Mr Simon Odili Ozumba (Jnr), Dr. Obioma Ozumba, Mr. Emeka Ozumba and Mr. Iyke Ozumba have excelled in their various disciplines which include medicine, accountancy, engineering, graphic design, languages etc. She was a pillar of support to her husband – Sir Simon Ozumba, and with her husband extended unreserved love, accommodating and empathetic nature to all and sundry. They both shared a fifty year period of blissful marriage together and were scheduled to mark their Golden jubilee celebration on the 30th of December 2016.

She was very active in all the Organisations and clubs she participated in. In the church, she was a member of Mothers union, Lady of the Knight of St Christopher, a Treasurer of Di-bu-Ugwu women’s Social Club of Nigeria, Chairperson of women wing Umu-bulanaocha Kindred of Enugwu-Ukwu, Current Vice President of Uruekwo development association, Women’s wing, and Executive Member of St Andrews General Meeting, Women’s wing.

Lady Ngozi was the vice president of St Andrews Church Home & abroad. Her husband’s contributions to the church along with her unwavering support, led to their being knighted by the Bishop of Awka Diocese Anglican Communion.  She is committed to prayer and always had prayer points for all her children and loved ones.

She will always be remembered as a woman of Honesty and Compassion, who always stood for the truth at all times. Her strong family values and spirit of togetherness influenced all her pursuits.  Her gentle spirit, unassuming nature, cheerfulness and most importantly spirit of togetherness and forgiveness will be missed by all she left behind. She was a very special woman, and lives in Christ.

Ngozi was many things to different people but I believe everyone who knew her well, would agree that she was a very reliable, honest, benevolent friend, sister and mother to all she loved and I feel very fortunate to have been a close friend whom she loved. Adaeze the mathematician yes you were not opportune to further your education but you write and calculate better then masters holders.   Ngozi, my own nneoma, shared with me that her chief goal in life was to make heaven. With the way she lived her life and how she treated people, I have no doubt that she achieved this goal because she is already in heaven with God 

I am also sure Ngozi, my dear friend, lived a fulfilled life. Why you may ask? For someone that held no grudges against her neighbor; nor bitterness against another; nor hate in her heart; nor anger towards life; nor resentment about her shortcomings, she lived her life without any extra bad baggage weighing her down, a woman who appreciates every little deed. For this reason she was able to just live life for the things that mattered: herself, her husband, her family (nuclear and extended), her children, her hobbies, her passions, her community, and most importantly, her Almighty God.

We were supposed to do more after my retirement, but since God called her home earlier than I anticipated, I am still extra joyful for all that we did- I have the memories and pictures to keep me company whenever I would miss my sister, Ngozi.

My final public words to Ngozi are THANK YOU! Thankyou for being a mother, a sister, a friend, a confidant, a destiny helper, an advisor, a companion, a motivator, a Christian advocator, a believer,  my God sister, a community developer, a woman leader, an inspirer, a rights activists, a daughter. Thank you for also being someone who was reliable, dependable, trustworthy, fun, exciting, interesting, truthful, honest, loving , lovable, true. I will miss you!

As her remains are committed to mother earth on Thursday Dec. 15, 2016, her family, relations, friends and well wishers pray almighty God to grant her peaceful and enterprising soul eternal rest.

–Lady Chizoba Chiebonam Nwana (Ochiliozuo) is a Director of Mosaf Nigeria Ltd