Eulogies to Ngozi Jasper Jumbo 


By Sam Ekpe

Mrs. Sardonis Ngozi Jasper Jumbo (Nee Uzomah) was born on 11 February 1969 to the Royal family of late Eze B. O. Uzomah, Eze Emenaha II, Ezeukwu VI of Owerre-Ebeiri Ancient Kingdom in the Orlu LGA of Imo State and the oldest traditional monarch in Nigeria. The third daughter of late Eze Benjamin Uzomah and Ugoeze Patricia Uzomah (Nee Mgbudom). She was baptised at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Umuowa. As a Princess, she enjoyed all the royal perquisites and parental love from her father and mother till their old age. Her father died at the ripe age of 94 in 2014 after serving as the King on the Ancient Owerri Ebeiri throne for 70 years. Her mother is still alive. 

In 1975, she commenced her primary Education at St. Martins Primary School, Owelle-Ebeiri Orlu, in old Imo State and obtained her First School Leaving Certificate, her secondary school education at Holy Ghost Girls Secondary School, Ihioma, Orlu, Imo State, in 1986, obtained her SSCE (WAEC). She leter secured her admission in Abia State University where she studied Public Administration. She obtained her PGD Certifcate as well as other professional and International Certifications, including full membership of the Chartered Institute of Mediators and Conciliators (CIMC), the Chartered Institute of Adminstration (CIA) which helped her administrative life.

Mrs. Jumbo was born of Christian family and is a professing and practising Christain as well as member of the Technical Group of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry. In 1999 she got married with then Dr. Jasper F. Jumbo JP and was his prayer associate till her transition. She encouraged him to sow into the building of the Church. They are blessed with three (3) sons, Jerry, Jared and Jehu and with many extended family members.

As the wife of Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo JP, – the Nkume Chineke, she joined him in the development and genuine Niger Delta struggle, outside “militancy”. Infact, she was the woman beside the author of both the OMPADEC and NDDC blue prints. NDDC has today, helped in buoying-up the mode and modalities of many Niger Deltans and indeed Nigerians. Until her transition, she was the Managing Director of Vocational and Community Skills Ltd, Secretary of the Development Enhancement Medium Amongst the Niger Deltans (DEMAND PROJECT) and Vice Chairman of Niger Delta Projects Consortium. 

In Jumbo Major House of Grand Bonny, where she was married into, she was the pillar behind her husband who is currently the Chairman of its Caretaker Committee and Traditional Head. She helped finance and participated actively in the various meetings, women affairs as well as pro-government peace consultations that led to the Federal Government establishment of both the Federal Polytechnic, Bonny, the Bodo Bonny Road Project and the Bonny Ring Road. 

She was committed to her husband in all aspect and was the pillar of support to her husband’s in most desire to employ his mind and resources towards the upliftment of the human estate. Her husband met her during challenging and lean times. She believed in God’s ability to fruitify the fortunes of his family and worked beside him to energise and stabilize the future.

In her husband’s family, she not minding her own children, took her husband’s other children as hers. She achieved for them, what their biological mothers could not have elicited for them. She encouraged the husband to extend helping hands to her step children even unto the grand children and the extended family. She was a strong advocate of the Biblical injunctions that “when the righteous rules, the people rejoice” and “a righteous man leaves legacies for his children and grand children”. She made sure everyone was happily stabilized and given a base without minding that her children are still tender. She opened her House to all and sundry and most times, in her humility despite her royal background, people did not even know the woman of the House! In the company, she is the mouth piece of every staff. She was the staff’s arbitrator, protecting everyone’s interest. She took every one as her own biological child. She personally derived joy and satisfaction in performing these responsibilities, orchestrating for promotions when due. She always solicited for incentives for all staff. In fact she was one of a kind. 

Chief Mrs Sardonis Ngozi Jasper Jumbo was undisputably a rare gem, a vessel unto honour, in deed Her type is not easy to come by. Many described her as a peace loving, humble and down-to-earth woman who prefered the happiness and growth of others more than hers. She was a giver to the core. Her husband’s friends are her best friends. As a matter of fact, she had no direct friend but all the friends she had were all through the family. She was a paragon of beauty, her husband’s confidant and counsellor. She was a wife, an helpmate, mother and sister to her husband; a queen of inestimable value and a vessel unto honour!!!

I knew her closely only about five years ago when she visited Abuja with her husband Prof Jasper Jumbo whom I had known since the Politics of the Second Republic in the 1980s. Soon after the 1983 General Election my boss the late Presidential Adviser on National Assembly Affairs Dr. K.O Mbadiwe was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. He had just been sworn into the office and was succeeded in the Special Adviser Position by Mazi S.G. Ikoku. Being brothers of the Aro Stock the two former and new Special Advisers ‘bonded’ very well and this relationship reflected on their staff.  I therefore had no difficulty relating very well with Jasper Jumbo who has just been appointed Special Assistant to Mazi Ikoku

Jasper Jumbo been an active protagonist of the Niger Delta struggle. In his new office at the State House, Marina Lagos, one never failed to notice and appreciate his dynamism and exuberance. We have maintained our relationship since then, through his Blue Print days of Oil Minerals Producing Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC), the NDDC and other projects of Niger Delta Development. Now a Professor of Societal Management and Development, Jasper Jumbo needs a very understanding patient and accommodating wife. His late wife played this role very effectively. 

In the hotel room, as late as 2 or 3 am, in the middle of discussions on development of Bonny, the landlords of NLNG, she would be upbeat on ideas and more effective non violent ways of attracting the interest of the Management of the liquefied gas company to develop their environment. She was a supportive and dependent ally in the numerous projects of her husband. Ever quiet and unassuming she radiated charm and appreciated one’s humble contributions to the success of the Jumbo Major House of Grand Bonny. It is a great pity that she would not be around to witness the good results of the years of the struggles for a better Bony Kingdom. 

From the Presentations of Prof Jumbo to both the House and Senate Committees on NDDC on the Bill for a Review of the NDDC Act there is no doubt that this dream will surely become a reality. 

Adieu Princes Ngozi Jasper Jumbo. As we bid you goodbye on Saturday December 17, 2016, it  is our earnest wish that Almighty God will receive your noble soul in His bosom and give your young children the grace to continue their lives without your guidance and counseling.

–Ekpe a Media Consultant wrote in from Abuja