Rose of Sharon’s Tips for Successful Marriages


Mary Ekah
The Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry’s University of Marriage Conference, held recently in Lagos was simply tagged, ‘Are You Enjoying Your Marriage Or Enduring Your Marriage?’ It was thought-provoking and insightful marriage conference that explored topics like God’s vision for your marriage, how marriages grow and die, the current state of marriage, keys to growing your marriage, role of sex in marriage and communication in marriage amongst many more.

The event held at The Marquee, Eagle Club in Lagos, was a source of divine revelation with a focus on equipping newly wedded as well as the already married and those yet to embark on marital journey with the skills they need to find their perfect match and also cope with the challenges of married life.

Various guest speakers including President and Founder of Single and Married Ministries, Pastor Chris Ojigbani; Founding/Senior Pastors of Grace Family International Churches, Rev. and Rev. (Mrs.) Yinka and Deola Ojo as well as National Superintendent/Resident Pastor Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Maryland, Lagos, Pastor Femi Faseru, amongst others dealt extensively on the above theme.

Pastor Faseru who spoke extensively on the need for couples to work in agreement and oneness of mind so that they can grow positively in their marriages, added that, working in different directions would only wreck the marriage completely. “…A man will leave his father and mother and they will become one and wherever she goes, he will go…” he quoted, adding that, “When you are hurting in your marriage, it is because the two of you that were joined together and were supposed to have the same vision and purpose, while walking in the same direction, have suddenly decided on your own volition to go the opposite ways and because in the spirit realm, you are no longer joined together, your marriage is affected negatively,” he said.

Rev. and Rev. (Mrs.) Yinka and Deola Ojo who handled the podium interchangeably, were of the view that many people were enduring their marriages presently. They noted however that we could all enjoy marriages if we follow the plan of God. “Marriage is not the idea of any tribe or race, marriage is not any man’s idea. If you do not humble yourself and understand the plans of God for marriage, you may not enjoy your marriage,” Ojo noted. He quickly added that marriage is not designed by people who do not know God to enjoy.

Enumerating signs of a marriage that is being endured, he said, “Biter quarrelling with malice; abuse in various ways (emotional and physical); lack of communication amongst other negative attitudes exhibited by married couples indicate that they are enduring the marriage. He described a good marriage as being “Two forgivers living together” adding that to build an enjoyable life-long marriage, you must make God the centre of your marriage’s foundation, which means the two of you must give your lives to Christ. “Secondly you must learn to be compatible. You must have compatibility and thirdly practice the 3-Ps – Pray together, Play together and Prosper together,” the Ojos added.

Founder of the Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry International, Folorunsho Alakija, has been a Christian since 1991. She is also an evangelist and philanthropist with a desire to help the needy. She draws her strength from her unfailing belief in the power and glory of God. Under the auspices of the Rose of Sharon Foundation, her philanthropic endeavours have continued to positively influence the lives of widows and orphans through empowerments and educational scholarships.