NIDO Americas Calls for Diaspora Investment in Nigeria


…Calls for unity among Nigerians abroad

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Americas (NIDOA) has called for massive investment in Nigeria, saying there is need for Nigerians living abroad to intervene economically at home. The call was made recently at the end of the year gathering held in Maryland, United States.

While speaking the event, Patience Ndidi Key, President, NIDOA Maryland stated: ‘’It gladdens my heart to see Nigerians gather together, not as ethnic groups, not as political groups, nor as religious entities but as Nigerians’’.

She pointed out that ‘’NIDOA has come a long way with the purpose and vision that Diaspora Nigerians are well able to make significant contributions to Nigeria by networking and collaborating to develop effective measures through programs, policies, and advocacy to harness the talents, expertise, and resources of Nigerians abroad for our homeland’s development and nation building’’.

‘’NIDOA believes and strives, setting the foundation for a profound opportunity to bring unity and unquestionable collaboration between Nigerians in Diaspora to enhance our community; to add substantial value to the people; and most importantly, to instill ethical consciousness and civic responsibility that will enhance the socioeconomic advancement of Nigerians and humanity in general, consequently leading to the needed positive change in our homeland and beyond’, she added.

While explaining the efforts being made by NIDOA members that cut across 18 chapters in the United States, she pointed out that the organization is focused on professional networking, social advocacy, education, healthcare, technological, and economic empowerment, as well as skills and cultural exchange projects’’.

While calling for unity among Nigerians in the US, she harped that there was need to ‘’build and add values to immediate Nigerian community in the US, hence attracting relevance in the American community where it gives extensively and buoyantly being the most populated African country, the most educated, and the most hard working’’.

‘’NIDOA has experienced so many challenges and have also seen great achievements. As NIDOA currently undergoes a rebranding process, every Nigerian is encouraged to join hands to bring to fruition the most desired positive change that would position Nigerians in the Diaspora as a people of relevance to their host communities and country’’.

While speaking at the event, Mr. Kenny Oreagba, Chairman, Governor’s Commissions on African Affairs, Maryland, stated that he understands and appreciates the challenges of arriving in the US and having to overcome great adversity in order to embrace a harmonious and hopeful future for families. ‘’To leave our motherland, to leave behind our childhood memories, everything that we knew and everyone that we loved to go into a totally strange place with an uncertain future requires strength, determination and a will to survive’’, he added.

He emphasized that ‘’what is common to all Nigerians in the US is a desire to become productive contributors to America as a nation. ‘’Over the years, I have been impressed by the kindness and the generosity shown by the Nigerian communities, which have always endeavored to showcase their culture and hospitality to the wider community through numerous festivals, celebrations and cultural events’’.