All-Electric Maserati Sports Car  to Debut


Maserati executive has confirmed that the Italian brand will be build an electric version of its upcoming Alfieri sports car. 

Maserati’s region manager for Europe, Peter Denton, confirmed the news to just-auto, saying that an all-electric Alfieri should arrive around 2020. The Alfieri will be a full on sports car, aimed at competing with the Porsche 911 and the Jaguar F-Type. When the electric version turns up, it will be taking on the likes of the Porsche Mission E.

“Alfieri will be bigger than Boxster and Cayman,” said Denton. “It is being designed as a competitor to the 911 but it will be a larger car. More the size of a Jaguar F-TYPE,” he said. The standard car will also be priced in the range of the F-Type as well, though expect the electric version to cost even more.

Maserati will skip the plug-in hybrid option altogether and move straight ahead with a fully electric version, as Maserati expects that tax breaks on plug-in vehicles will come to an end.

An all-new Maserati GranTurismo will be released before the Alfieri, sometime in the next two years.

(Source: Just-auto)