Pilgrims Board: Nigerian Prisons System Should Be Decolonised


‎Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

‎The ‎Nigerian Christians Pilgrims Board has called on the federal government to decolonise Nigerian prisons system as its present structure has ‎no process of making productivity out of the prisoners or creating opportunity for reformation for the inmates.

‎Its Executive Secretary, Dr. Tor Uja‎, made the call in Abuja at the National Prison Ministry Conference and the Investiture of Patrons of Nigeria Prison Fellowship Nigeria, with the theme; “Rebuilding Loves and Repairing the Harms of Crimes.”

He said there was need for the prison system and the criminal justice system to be restructured, adding that the absence of educational opportunity was one of the major reasons for crime.

According to him, “Judges should be more proactive and remove people that have stayed slightly longer than they ought to stay while they have not been tried. There is no reason for somebody to stay two years in prison without trial; anybody in that category should be discharged and send home.”