Ondo Govt Denies Collecting N82bn from FG, Warns APC against Official Lies


The Ondo State Government has denied a statement credited the All progressive Congress in the state that it has collected N82billion from the federal government being money owed it on the Paris Club deductions.
Putting a lie to the report in a statement issued in Akure yesterday, the state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Kayode Akinmade, said it was most unfortunate that such falsehood was coming from the people that want to form government in the state.
He said the statement credited to a failed gubernatorial aspirant in the state, Hon. Victor Olabimtan, was a deliberate falsehood to incite the people against the government, adding that such falsehood could only have come from a corrupt and hallucinating mind looking for where to offload its frustrations.
He said Olabimtan, being an APC member, should be conversant with the activities of the federal government hence, should be able to report accurately, activities of the same government without misleading the public.
Setting the records straight, the commissioner said though the federal government promised to refund part of the over deductions it made on some states regarding the Paris Club’s payment, he added however that till date, money has not been released to any state on the basis of Paris Club deduction’s refund.
Insisting on the need to have value for the “truth in our day to day dealings” the Commissioner said campaign period is over, adding that it will not be fair on the people to be hoodwinked to submission with lies and continue to be fed with more lies all in the bid to paint the government black.
Cautioning that attempts to rule the people with lies had always failed, the commissioner said it was time the APC prepared to face the task of governance that would confront it in the state from next year with the reality on ground.
“Feeding the people with lies won’t do it, but sincerity of purpose and genuine desire to make an impact on the lives of the people.
“The task is more herculean for the APC because of the unprecedented high standard of governance it will inherit from the incumbent government,” the statement said, adding that the only way to sustain the standard, “even if it wont be able to build on it, is to be transparent and shed its traditional tag of a liar, only then can the APC be fair to the people of the state,” the statement also read in part.