Today, Toyin Lawani is one of the leading lights in the nation’s fashion and beauty business.

She started out quite early in life as an entrepreneur and employer of labour.  Indeed, a cursory look at her impressive resume gives her away as someone who is endowed with some uncommon abilities. In the past years, she has continued to impress it on all that she is very industrious; and she has so far proven her mettle in the business world.

However, she seems to be setting tongues wagging due to her current looks. Those who have seen her lately confirmed to Spyglass that the fashionista is wearing a rather strange look. She is said to be unusually slimmer.  In fact, a source hinted that one would need to get very close to her before one could recognise her.

Maybe she will someday come out to allay the fears of her fans about her current health status, even though some claimed that she might be on some diet.