LG Electronics Products, Gifts to Consider as Yuletide Approaches


Mary Ekah
As festive season is quickly approaching many people will be burdened with the thought of the best gifts to give their loved ones, which would really have enduring impacts. The evolution of technology has reached a point where anything is available at the touch of a button, shopping, learning, working and entertainment can all be accessed from the comfort of our homes with great connectivity. But it comes at a cost; and a relatively crucial one, at this time of season of festivity when consumers all over the world are scrambling to replace their worn out electrical appliances with latest technology that is reasonably affordable for the comfort of their homes.

LG Electronics has focused more attention in designing products that will help consumers solve their basic needs as well as boost their productivity thereby leading to longevity. There is no doubt this products help to improve the quality of life making home comfortable especially during seasonal changes making consumers to always want to settle for LG Products.

The ability of latest innovative electronics technology to meet the needs of consumers has proven that meaningful time could be saved and channeled to something more productive. This is where LG’s unique portfolio of convenience enhancing electronics leaves the company well poised for success as holiday shoppers seek out the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

As the shopping season begins in earnest the importance of online retail outlets continue to grow. Products are deliberately designed for this season to cater for the needs of consumers who are ever willing to take advantage of the various discounting offers that surrounds deals during the holiday season.

During this season TVs plays a unifying role by creating the atmosphere for people to share meaningful experience and the technology’s ability to reach people all over the world is on the increase. It is expected that consumers would go for large UHD TVs to upgrade the visual capabilities of their respective homes, it is important to note that immersive high quality audio systems play a key role in achieving the perfect viewing experience. There is no doubt TVs are always in high demand during the holiday season with consumers trying to get the best deals up for grabs.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said, “We value our consumers all over the world and that is why we are offering them unique innovative products that will change their shopping experiences for a long time to come during this season of festivity.”

LG has a line-up of home appliances designed to bring out the very best at home irrespective of low-income budget. The Light wave convection oven and gas cookers allow users to prepare delicious, healthy meals within a twinkle of an eye.

The unique feature of LG Gas cooker makes the food embellishment remain the same during and after cooking. It comes with a dual heater that allows the grill and oven to work simultaneously and offers user more flexibility when cooking.

LG’s Door-in-Door refrigerator is one of the items to look out for, as it comes equipped with several features that provide consumers with the utmost in convenience such as the easy open handle, which makes opening the fridge door effortless. Another product consumers should look out for during this season of shopping is the LG GEN COOL Air Conditioner, which is quite affordable, efficient and durable, considering its unique features which stands it out compared to conventional ACs.

The AC can be powered with smaller generator due to the inverter technology attached to it. This season from all indications promises much more quality innovative products ranging from TVs; Refrigerators; Light wave ovens and many more. LG is set to dazzle consumers with offerings that will remain in their memories for a long time.