A Thunderous Applause for Justice Onnoghen

Political Notes
The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, discharged his first main assignment since assuming office as the CJN and it was the Ondo State governorship crisis in the PDP. Onnoghen came out clean and proved to all that indeed, in the judiciary, a new Sheriff had come to town.
It may not be the desire of many a people that Mr. Eyitayo Jegede actually wins the Ondo State governorship, especially since his main backer, Governor Olusegun Mimiko is believed to have been losing face with the people, but the brazen manner through which the cause of the law had been subverted to get him off the ballot had raised concern in the polity and this, naturally elicited sympathy for him.
The judiciary, in the days preceding thus jungle era, had sunk…sunk so badly into the abyss. Thus, the turn of events over the Ondo governorship didn’t quite surprise many especially when the name of the controversial judge in the heart of the case is mentioned. It was thought that the case would end up the way of the others and hope had really withered.
But Justice Onnoghen enlivened this hope and reassured the Nigerian people that the judiciary, regardless of the bad eggs amongst them, would remain the bastion of hope for the hopeless. His handling of the Ondo case was stellar. It showed competence, capacity and a very good understanding of the law and its politics – its politics especially.
Unknown to him, he saved the nation a lot of hassles on the Ondo governorship and has shown that in the days ahead, Nigerians can always rest assured that there is a judiciary that cares for them. Thumbs up to this Justice of note, with a thunderous applause for living up to billings as well as speaking truth to unprofessionalism in this all-important calling…He has rekindled hope and reassured all of justice, no matter the maneuvering and desperate abuse of legal technicalities.
Good job, Justice Onnoghen!