Globacom Making the Trusted Difference through Products Offering


Chika Amanze-Nwachuku writes that Globacom is committed to going above and beyond to provide the best affordable and innovative telecommunications products and services for its customers

In the 13 years since it was founded, Globacom has proven its position as a leader in Nigeria’s fast-growing telecommunications sector.
Since inception, the company has continued to provide a range of unique products and end-to-end services to its diverse customer base, strengthening the value it provides to its customers.

In line with its commitment to continually empower its subscribers with affordable and innovative telecommunications products and services, the telecoms giant recently launched four new products- Borrow Me Data; Double Free Tomorrow; New IDD Packs and 11k Per Second For All.

Industry analysts argue that no one can offer the range of products Glo can. To them, this is the best time to be a Glo subscriber as they stand to enjoy a lot of value for money initiatives for voice and data subscribers.

Borrow Me Data
The Glo Borrow Me Data, allows subscribers to borrow data credit of up to 2GB whenever their data bundles are exhausted and they have no airtime balance to recharge their data plan or in cases of unsuccessful subscription bundle activation due to low balance.

According to the telecoms giant, customers can subscribe to Borrow Me Data by dialling *321# and following the menu options. ’’The service will then push real time data credit to all eligible subscribers in line with the stated eligibility criterion. The customer will repay the data credit whenever airtime recharge is made’’, Globacom’s Head, Usage and Retention, Sola Mr. Arowogbadamu, said, adding eligibility criterion for the offer includes how long a customer has been on the network and average monthly data usage.

He said that the product has taken a big load of worry off the chest of its teeming subscribers. This, according to him, was because the challenge of running out of data at inconvenient places and time has been resolved once and for all with the introduction of the product, as the product will give its subscribers an edge in their business and personal lives.

Besides, Borrow Me Data, would guarantee subscribers continuous instant, efficient broadband internet offered by the Glo 4G. With the new product, subscribers can be able to download ultra-high definition videos in seconds as well as other high intensive data applications.

Arowogbadamu explained: ‘‘A subscriber could be watching a movie on the network’s 4G LTE bundle and his data runs out but that would no longer be a problem with Borrow Me Data because with a few press of the buttons of his phone he can continue enjoying his movie without moving out the room or buying airtime.’’
Also, with this new product, Glo said a subscriber can continue his fun by simply dialling *321#, and following the menu options which will guide him till he loads the real time Data credit. The customer will repay the data credit when next he buys airtime.

With this facility, Globacom’s subscribers are assured of unbroken connection to the internet as they (subscribers) can borrow up to 2GB of data at a particular time.
Arowogbadamu added: “Nigerians are more and more depending on the internet for social connection and business and with this new product, online business transactions, academic activities, financial deals, and personal transactions are now guaranteed to be uninterrupted.

“ Subscribers will always be in need of uninterrupted connectivity, that is why the company has moved to make data available for subscribers at all times” he said , adding ‘‘Borrow Me Data will help to promote business development by ensuring that subscribers stayed connected online 24/7 without the fear of being disconnected when they exhaust their data subscription.’’

The good thing also is that the facility is available to customers who have been on the Glo network for at least a month and use an average of N200 credit monthly. They will be able to borrow 20MB data, which is valid for a day, while subscribers who want to borrow 40MB which is also valid for a day, must have been on the Glo network for at least a month and should use an average of N400 credit monthly.

Also, subscribers will qualify to borrow 125MB of data, valid for five days, once they use an average of N800 monthly and have been on the Glo network for a month. Also available on the package are 1GB and 2GB of data which are valid for 7 and 10 days respectively. Globacom said subscribers can have access to borrow such data if they have been on the Glo network for three months and have used an average of N1000 and N2000 a month respectively.”

Double Free Tomorrow
Repackaged to give subscribers unique experience, Glo’s much loved Double Free Tomorrow delivers even more value to its customers.
The reloaded Double Free Tomorrow was among the four products formally presented to the public by Globacom on November 1, 2016.

Arowogbadamu said at the unveiling that the product gives back to the subscriber the following day, 200 percent of whatever is spent on calls, SMS or data on any given day.
When the product was initially introduced last year, it gave back to subscribers the next day whatever amount they spent on calls, SMS and browsing on any given day, he said.

In its reloaded format, the product doubles whatever a subscriber uses on calls, internet services and SMS on any given day and gives it back as free credit to the subscriber the following day.
The subscriber is free to use this bonus for virtually everything, including browsing, local and international calls and SMS to Glo and non-Glo lines, Arowogbadamu explained.
With this new offering, Globacom subscribers who want good value for money to take advantage of this product regardless of whether they are new or existing customers.

“With Glo Double Free Tomorrow, customers get back double benefits free the next day. In other words, when they spend more today, they get much more tomorrow. For instance, if a subscriber on the Glo network uses N500 credit in a day on calls, SMS and data, Glo will give back N1,000 credit to the subscriber the very next day to call all networks, SMS and browse free,” he said, adding, ’’To request for this service, customers are to dial *600#’’

New IDD Packs
The new international direct dialing (IDD) packs, also one of the recently launched products by the telecoms giant allow subscribers on its platform to make calls to major destinations of the world at much more affordable rate.
The New IDD Packs, regarded as the best deal in the country, allow Globacom subscribers to make calls from Nigeria to 30 major international destinations for as low as N6.60 per minute.

“With the new tariff structure, we have empowered our subscribers to call their friends, relations and business associates in 30 countries at more convenient and affordable rates’’, the company said, adding that the new package was in line with its commitment to offer the best value to its customers.

The 30 destinations covered by the new IDD packs, according to Glo include the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, India, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel and Australia.
Others are Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania and Singapore.
The New IDD Packs are designed to match different recharge denominations, which include IDD 100, IDD 200, IDD 500 and IDD 1,000.

The IDD 100 gives subscribers 12 minutes of calls valid for 3 days, while IDD 200 gives 24 call minutes for seven days. The IDD 500 bundle gives 60 minutes of calls for 14 days, while the fourth bundle, IDD 1000, avails users with 150 minutes of calls valid for 30 days.
“Whichever bundle the subscriber chooses, he is assured of good value for money. He will not only benefit from the reduced tariffs, which are the best in the market, but will also enjoy seamless connectivity and call clarity made possible by the Glo 1 international submarine cable,” Globacom explained at the unveiling of the product.

11k Per Second For All
The quest to give its subscribers more talk time to communicate with family, friends and business associates locally and internationally prompted the introduction of Glo’s well received product, 11k Per Second For All.
The product allows Glo customers who subscribe to it to make local and international calls at the flat rate of 11 kobo per second. The new product was among numerous others carefully conceived and designed by the company to give its numerous customers unbeatable value for money.
Arowogbadamu explained that the product, which was conceived to reduce expenses on calls by Globacom customers, especially at these austere times, can be enjoyed by all prepaid and postpaid customers who pay a daily access fee of N5.

According to Globacom, ’’For international calls, Glo subscribers on the plan can call thirty destinations at 11 kobo per second. The international destinations are Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta , Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US.

New and existing customers can migrate to the plan by dialling *777# and follow the guide to savour the benefits and unbeatable value for money.
With this unique product, subscribers who port to Globacom will have the additional benefits of receiving a welcome bonus of N500 Glo-to-Glo talk-time and 500MB of data upon first recharge and 500MB complimentary data for the next six months after porting to Glo.

“This is the best deal ever and it is in sync with our forte of making life sweeter for our esteemed customers to enjoy our rich bouquet of offerings and products at pocket-friendly rates as they cope with the economic recession in the country,” Globacom added.