Pecadomo Showcases Peak’s Creativity


Peak milk, a premium dairy brand on the stable of Friesland Campina Wamco has again added another feather to its beaded crown as it successfully launched a nationwide campaign in deepening milk consumption amongst Nigerians.

The brand’s new initiative tagged Pecadomo— PEak CAn DO MOre and launched in Lagos recently in September has successfully traversed the nooks and crannies of Nigeria in an exciting experiential brand activation in selected neighbourhoods, city centres and villages across Nigeria.

Not only that, the Peak Can Do More campaign team took the initiative to schools and markets in a drive to create a first-hand experience for target audiences on the various uses of milk.

Specifically, the campaign was taken round the country to create awareness on the various health benefits of milk vis-à-vis newer ways of using milk in different diet.

Through this innovative campaign, Peak milk has shown that it does not only taste great but can make practically every Nigerian dish taste better and increase nutritional value.

The addition of Peak Milk to everyday carbohydrate meals like Semolina, Pounded Yam, Tuwo and Rice creates a creamier and more flavoured meal. In Mrs. Folashade Obafemi‘s case, being married to a man who prefers to swallow, she learned to get creative with making Semolina by adding Peak Milk. “Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t eat draw soup, so meals were becoming boring since it is either egusi or vegetable soup. The first time I heard that Peak Milk could be added to semo, I wondered how it would taste. The texture is so creamy. Besides being high in fibre, semo made with Peak milk is also nutritious for the family.”

Compared to other milk drinking countries, consumption of milk and knowledge of what milk can be used for is very low in Nigeria. With this campaign, Milk will not only be much more fun; but Nigerians from all walks of life will come to appreciate that this highly nutritious liquid, milk is a very versatile food accompaniment. And this is a win-win situation as they get better nutrition, more value for money and newer recipes.

“I love experimenting with food so you can imagine my joy when I learnt about the Pecadomo campaign. Whenever I am pregnant, I avoid eating mayonnaise. However, I love salads and coleslaw but have to avoid it for the nine months. Now, I substitute Peak Milk for mayonnaise. The funny thing is that my salads taste nicer and is cheaper to make because a tin of Peak milk is cheaper than the smallest jar of mayonnaise which is like N500. In a recession like now, options like these are needed. That’s where Pecadomo comes in,” said Mrs. Hannah Osasu, in Surulere.

With the rise in cost of living, pocket-friendlier options become necessary and many have learnt the various foods milk can be used to substitute.

Mary Oluwagbemiga is a student at Yabatech. She bakes to augment her school fees since her parents live in Akure. Recently, the price of eggs went up and for cakes, eggs are required. Hear her: “In order not to hike my prices too much, I started using Peak milk to replace eggs. Peak milk is thick and creamy and excellent for baking. Now, more people prefer to order my cakes saying they are creamier. That’s more money for me and less stress”.

A mother of four and businesswoman in Ogba, Mrs. Oby Asomba, has to deal with picky eating in her children, especially as they dislike eggs. “I insist they eat eggs but they always waste them. So through Pecadomo, I learnt how to use Peak Milk to make scrambled eggs and that made all the difference. Now, I get to use less eggs and get better volume. Also, the eggs are fluffier and have more flavour. My kids now enjoy eating eggs, which is good for me since they get their daily protein requirements and don’t waste food anymore.”

Surprisingly, some people admit that milk might be more than just a food source but might also be medicinal. Mr. O. Michael, a Festac-based businessman confesses that there was a time he had low sperm count. “I read in one of these herbal treatment booklets that mixing Peak milk with stout could boost it. I really don’t know the chemical explanation but I tried it and it worked.”

It also re-invents various local drinks and quick meals into more filling meals that can in the long run save cost especially in a recession like ours. Mixing some Peak Milk into a glass of Kunu drink, fruit smoothies, coleslaw or Abacha (African Salad) means the consumer gets all the health benefits of these already nutritious foods plus the great benefits of milk and a delicious taste too.

Everyday drinks like smoothies and Hausa millet drink (kunu) can be made to taste better and more nutritious with the addition of Peak Milk. For Thelma Ekanem, a lawyer based in Oniru Estate, Lekki, smoothies became a part of her daily diet due to her hectic work schedule and weight loss plans. “I usually buy a glass of smoothies for about N1,500 here in Oniru but with this recession, one had to get more prudent. I learnt to make my own smoothies with fruits and recently, adding Peak Milk. The taste is heavenly and very healthy too. Imagine the goodness of fruits and milk in a glass! Now, with about N500, I can have my Peak milk smoothies every day.”