Rahama Babangida’s quantum of lies 


When things go awry  between two loved ones,  the unimaginable becomes a reality.  Usually,  one of the partners would go for the jugular of the other; caution is thrown to the winds and discipline becomes a rarity.

Perhaps,  this is all that  Rahama Babangida (nee Indimi), the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, first son of former military President, Gen Ibrahim Babangida (rtd),  has been involved in for some time.

She is said to have  been trying so hard to whip up sentiments and public sympathy in her  battle against her ex-husband over the custody of their four children. But sadly, she seems to be courting more troubles for herself over  her unrestrained actions in recent times.

It will be recalled that a court has granted Mohammed Babangida the custody of the children.

However, efforts by court officials, accompanied by the policemen to execute a valid court order, were allegedly met with  resistance from  Rahama.

She has also been using  social media to wage war against her ex-husband,  accusing him of wanting to use his influence as a son of a former military President to unjustly maltreat her.

Recently , Rahama reportedly asked her lawyer to write a petition to the Inspector General of Police and President Muhammadu Buhari, alleging a threat to her life by Mohammed.

Meanwhile, family sources disclosed  that Rahama’s father, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, the owner of Oriental Energy,  is angered by all the antics of his daughter and has continuously distanced himself from the matter.

A source disclosed to Spyglass that her father had directed her to release the children to their father  who,  according to him,  has the capacity to raise them well, but she has stubbornly refused to listen to her dad.

He is said to feel embarrassed by the attitude of his daughter, saying that she had destroyed an age-long relationship he had built over the years with the Babangidas.

The source further hinted that Alhaji Indimi is particularly bitter with the quantum of lies Rahama is spewing against Mohammed in this unwarranted feud.

It is  public knowledge that  Ibrahim Babangida (Mohammed’s father) was a great benefactor of   Indimi, as he was the one who awarded the oil license that catapulted him into the league of billionaires in the country when the former was the military President.

Meanwhile, sources disclosed that the police might arrest Rahama any moment from now for obstructing them the court order.