Firm Set to Enhance Students' Learning with Tech Solution


Emma Okonji

Chips Bits & Bytes Limited, an e-learning solution company has said its technology solution will not only enhance students’ learning at schools, but will also eradicate failure in examination.
The solution uses electronic interactive boards to actively engage students during leaning, using practical and real examples to further enhance teaching and learning.

Managing Director of the company, Mr. Tunji Ola, who made the remark in Lagos, said the solution came with robust contents that cover school curriculum, such that students who study with it, would have no reason to forget what was thought by the teacher, using the technology solution.
“As a leader in education technology deployment, Chips Bits & Bytes limited is over 30 years in existence, with vast experience that has earned it a reputation of excellent, reliable, scalable and supportive solution delivery,” Ola said.

According to him, no child should ever fail any examination across any level, should the solution be properly deployed and the teaching method followed.

“We bring to schools a solution that automates the entire teaching and learning process, which transforms schools from the regular white boards, marker and notebooks, into electronic interactive boards and student-teacher experience. The most exciting part is the engaging, interactive and impactful e-contents for learners of all ages,” Ola said.

Making live demonstration of the solution, Ola was able to explain that the teacher engages all students with the electronic interactive board, while the students make use of their computers that are connected to the teachers’ electronic interactive board and the teacher is able to have full control of the class since everything, written on the teachers’ interactive board, is automatically displayed on the students computer. While the lesson is going on, the teacher could give test and assignment and marks same in class, while still engaging the students. With the smart learning system, the students are able to save every lesson though in class and make a replay of such lesson dusting their personal study time.

The engagement between teacher and students at any given lesson is so interactive, such that the students get the true picture of the any topic and will always remember what was thought when writing examination.

He explained that teachers are trained on how to use the electronic interactive board, before selling the solution to schools.
“We believe that technology has a profound effect on every aspect of life and so schools are investing wisely in the acquisition of technology to drive the teaching and learning process, thereby making learning more stimulating, enjoyable, productive and relevant for today’s digital learners,” Ola said.

He explained the over 500 schools across the country are currently using the solution and that the desire of Chips, Bits and Bytes, is to take the cost-effective solution to more private and public schools in the country.