40% of Adult Nigerians Have Sleep Problem


Martins Ifijeh

The Group Managing Director, Reals Pharmaceutical Company, Pastor Israel Ade Popoola, has revealed that about 40 per cent of adult Nigerians were suffering from one form of sleep disorder or the other.

He said there exist a chronic case of about 10 per cent, adding that women more affected by sleeplessness than men, adding that the current economic recession was adding its toll, as Nigerians daily struggle to make ends meet.

Stating this during the introduction of Real Night Aids, a new non habit forming, over-the-counter sleep aid for the relief of occasional sleeplessness, in Minna, Niger State recently, he said sleeplessness was a condition of unsatisfactory sleep, either in terms of sleep onset, sleep maintenance or early waking.

This condition, the pharmacist further observed was a disorder that subsequently impairs day-time wellbeing and subjective and functioning of the affected individuals.

“Sleeplessness may be associated with fatigue, mood disturbances, problems with interpersonal relationships, occupational difficulties and a reduced quality of life and has a negative impact on both physical and mental health.”

Describing symptoms of the health concern, Popoola, a former Board of Fellow Chairman, said delayed sleep onset, early morning wake ups, un-refreshing sleep, trouble maintaining sleep, were all signs of sleeplessness.

According to him, the Real Night Aid drug, which was formally presented to the public at the 89th Annual Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) conference in Minna, enables users to sleep soundly and wake-up fully refreshed. No hang-over effect.

Stating that the product was introduced as a result of rising incidence of sleeplessness, also known as insomnia, which is the manifestation of inability to get enough sleep despite adequate time, he said it was also recommended for the treatment of allergic conditions, useful in motion sickness and as Anti Parkinsonism.