Lagos Cocktail, Wheatbaker Present  Cocktail Week 2016


By Azuka Ogujiuba

The 2016 Lagos cocktail week was jammed with so much activities and fun. When you think of cocktails, what comes to mind are the mixologists and bartenders working at various bars. Organisers of the event held a competition to encourage them, and the winner emerges as the Face of Lagos Cocktail 2016.  It has now become an annual event in the cosmopolitan city of Lagos. The Lagos Cocktail Weekend is a festival that celebrates the unique cocktail culture in Nigeria through events, seminars and training sessions. This five-day event aims at educating on cocktail culture, both locally and internationally, inform on global trends and entertain individuals, businesses and corporations.

Created by the CEO of Eventi Cocktails, Lara Rawa, Lagos Cocktail Week was established to showcase the best of Nigeria’s cocktail culture, with the aspiration for the cocktail industry at large to be recognised as an integral aspect of the Nigerian beverage industry.

This festival can also be described as a gathering of cocktail enthusiasts, as beverage brands and lovers of great cocktails and mocktails alike get to indulge their taste buds at designated hubs. These are faces of some of the people who attended the event.