Firm Unveils 'My Liberty Family' Platform


Chinazor Megbolu

In a bid to boost wealth creation opportunities in Nigeria, a firm, Multi Liberty Multi Services Limited has unveiled ‘My Liberty Family’ (MLF), a financial empowerment social media platform.

The company made this known recently during a press conference held in Lagos, saying the platform is a unique wealth creation social media platform.

Speaking during the event, the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Francis Ben Adesokan explained that MLF launch came in the wake of the current economic crisis.
He pointed out that it has also come as a cushion not only Nigerians but anyone despite their gender, race and religion respectively.

Adesokan noted the programme works with two options of either to reproduce three their kinds or not to reproduce for intending members.

He hinted that if one chooses not to reproduce three of his kind, the system allows and helps them grow their family tree without any additional effort on their part aside supporting certain family members with the specified amount.

“This option allows you to receive financial support in excess of N5 million from other virtual family members. This can be within seven months of your existing in the family. It could not earlier or a little later but guaranteed,”he said.

Added that the option of reproducing three of their kinds within 21 days of their existence in the family structure, carries a lot of financial benefits to them first at every level of their growth.

“You are programmed to receive a financial support in excess of N10 million from other virtual family members. This can be within five months or seven months of your membership,” he said.
Adesokan, however, stated that MLF system allows for multiple membership of an individual and treats each uniquely and exclusive of the others.

According to him, “what is unique to the system is the individual bank account number. This means you will not be allowed to use the same bank account for two registrations”.
He maintained that there are three platforms under MLF scheme of which, A goes for N25,000, B is for N37,000 and C is for N47,000 respectively.

“These three structures are opened to all under the same options one and two already specified above. You can choose to belong in the three structures if you wish or start with one, “Adesokan said.