No Ordinary Fete…Bolu Akin Olugbade Plans Grand Wedding Ceremony for Second Son


•High society agog as Nigerian billionaire’s son sets to marry Fatayi-Williams’ grand daughter

There is unprecedented thrill in high society. Nigeria’s circle of the filthy rich is agog like medieval Rome in the throes of Caesar’s wedding party. News of an epic wedding courses through the social arena like a comet garnishing New Year’s eve with flakes of gold.

Barring any last minute hitch, Bolu Akin-Olugbade, popular billionaire, is set to marry off Dademu, in grand style. The silent deep pocket is determined to make his son’s wedding the ceremony to beat. The wedding is billed to be the buzz of high society for a very long time. Bolu’s breathtaking Rolls Royce, will be the official car for the wedding celebration among other perks.

Dademu, who is the second son of Bolu Akin-Olugbade, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Owu Kingdom, will be tying the nuptial knot with his heartthrob, Lauretta Fatayi-Williams, on November 19, 2016. The handsome prince will finally walk his sweetheart of several years, to the altar to exchange vows for a lasting union. Lauretta is the granddaughter of Justice Fatayi-Williams, a former Chief Justice of Nigeria and the daughter of Dr Allan Fatayi-Williams and his wife, Marie.

“He loves his bonds, who, when the first are broken, submits his neck unto a second yoke,” said Robert Herrick, late English poet. Herrick’s muse at the moment of deep introspection dwelt on the logic and vanity of a second marriage. You never can tell what he would say about Pastor Femi Paul’s decision to walk down the marital aisle for the second time. And since he married Evelyn, the second woman of his dreams, the founding Pastor of Grace Assembly Church has been over the moon.

Since he took Evelyn as his wife, Pastor Paul has spared no expense to give her the best of everything money can buy. Pastor Paul got married to the woman of his heart many years ago in a secret wedding. The marriage, which produced a bouncing baby boy many months back, triggered an uproar within the Christian community as not a few people wondered why he chose to ignore the Christian doctrine, which forbids a married man from walking down the aisle with another woman unless the first woman is dead.

It is interesting to know that Pastor Paul’s first wife is still alive; they are neither separated from each other nor divorced. However, the self-styled man of God practices what he refers to as “Intelligent Christianity;” which is akin to taking God at His Word and applying it correctly, and not twisting it sentimentally to suit one’s whims. The lawyer-turned-pastor flaunts enviable academic laurels, and a vast work experience in legal practice, shipping, oil and gas. Pastor Paul was General Manager Operations at Ocean and Oil. He started billboard evangelism in 2004 by writing thought-provoking messages on billboards and stationing them in strategic places across the country.

Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination, many a philosopher would contend, but to Okunnu, happiness is Segun Okunnu. After many years of being a single lady, Joi has found immeasurable joy and peace in the love of Okunnu, her new beau. Segun has performed a rare feat indeed, he got Joi wishing on love and believing in marriage like an over-excited maiden in full bloom. Today, she has shed past hurt like withered skin crust. Now, she glistens in love and radiates uncontainable joy as she savours her marriage. She is happily married to Segun, a fascinating dude, with huge prospects in the local business sector. And neither of them attempts to hide or make any pretense about their love as they continually step out together confidently with pride and in each other’s arms.

Rivers State will not forget in a hurry how Nunieh represented the famous Ogoni 21 and eventually secured their release, which made her to be popularly known in Rivers State as “The Ogoni 21 Lawyer”. She has also represented some local and international communities in environmental matters and has successfully enforced the communities’ claims. As a human rights activist and environmental crusader, she was the lead counsel in the petition brought by the Ogoni people, Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), late Ken Saro-Wiwa and other families at the Justice Chukwudifu Oputa-led Human Rights Violation Investigation Commission aka Oputa Panel.