Mixed Reactions Trail New ‘Gala Mega’


The latest from UAC Foods Limited (UFL), ‘Gala Mega’  which was announced recently has continued to generate mixed reactions among consumers. 

While the new product which sells for N100 has been well commended by some customers  for its nutritional value as well as the extra size which makes it more filling than the regular sausage roll which still sells for  N50, others have given it knocks.

Those  not satisfied with the latest product  pointed  out that there was only a slight  difference between the new product  and the one sold for  N50, adding that ‘Gala Mega’ was just a strategy to beat recession by the producer. 

A motorist who simply identified himself as Akin said, “they claim it is more nutritional, meatier and weightier than the sausage roll but I can’t see all the claims except that it is a little bit bigger in size but not in weight”. 

Akin also blamed the company for reducing the sausage quantity which he said no longer gets to half size of the roll.

According to the General Manager Marketing, UAC Foods Limited, Mrs. Joan Ihekwaba the new product was come about as a result of the yearnings and desires of  consumers across the country for a more filling and nutritional  snack to keep them going in their daily hustle.

Mrs. Ihekwaba revealed further that Gala Mega was the first sausage roll in Nigeria to include micronutrients for the health and nutrition of its consumers, adding that the  product was greatly enriched with vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Folic acid and Iodine, as well as Vitamin B1 and B2, prepared from pure beef filling and rich pastry.