The Conspiracy against Amaechi


Notes for File
Constantly in the news, either for the good or the bad reasons, the latest trending news about the Minister of Transportation and immediate past governor of Rivers State, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi is rather complicated and bothersome, because it borders on corruption.

Justice Inyang Okoro and Justice Sylvester Ngwuta of the Supreme, who were recently linked to alleged corruption had in their face-saving excuses, mentioned Amaechi as having offered them bribe some time ago. And in the latest discovery, some top PDP leaders, indeed former governors, have been linked to what is now considered a conspiracy of forces against the minister.

Amongst them are three sitting South-south governors and one immediate past, also of one of the oil producing states. They have all been linked to the allegations by the Supreme Court Justices against Amaechi. These PDP politicians are said to be the biggest spenders, who allegedly induced the Supreme Court Justices. They are said to be the major sources of the money, wealth and properties traced by the Department of State Security to Justices Okoro and Ngwuta.

The plan, it was alleged, was to drag Amaechi into their arrest and investigation by the DSS. It is believed that doing so could help muddle the waters, divert the public attention from the corruption allegations against them and make the whole arrest and investigations look like a political vendetta. The belief of these PDP top shots is that the Buhari government wants to bring them down, and the best way to go down is with Amaechi.

They had painted a good picture to the Justices that Amaechi was the one behind their travails because of some governorship election matters the apex court handled and which the APC lost to the PDP. The Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Delta States governorship election appeals were cited to make Justices Okoro and Ngwuta believe that Amaechi actually orchestrated their arrest and investigation. Amaechi was further targeted because the four PDP stalwarts see him as the biggest threat to their political calculations ahead of the 2019 elections.

All four are from the South-south region, just like Amaechi. They are said to be scared of Amaechi, his supposed closeness to President Muhammadu Buhari and are perturbed that the Transportation Minister’s towering image in the Buhari administration could deal a big blow to their plans for 2019.

They are therefore determined to damage Amaechi and destroy him politically. Yet, the ultimate target is President Buhari, and to get to the president, the conspiracy is to first take out Amaechi after all, he spearheaded the change, in addition to the fact that they are said to hold one grudge or another against the minister.