Phase3 Telecom Assures Customers of Quality Services


Emma Okonji

Phase3 Telecom, an independent aerial fibre optic infrastructure provider, has assured customers of quality services, just as the company marks its13th year anniversary in telecoms service offerings.

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Stanley Jegede, said over the past 13 years, the firm has weathered the storm and it is well prepared for the next phase of the telecoms revolution in the country, with plans to provide better customer experience.

According to him, “While Phase3 is not oblivious of Nigeria’s current economic situation and shift in focus to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and evolving population especially in the area of delivering much more accessible connectivity needs, we are very grateful that 13 years of service excellence has prepared us for a smarter strategic aptitude, refined thought processes and an unequalled team resilience that is now first nature to us.”

Jegede added that the firm was spurred to act proactively by its successes record and rewards including an ever growing client portfolio, secure product package migration, serving the client more as an integrator; cross sector investment opportunities, joint ventures and partnerships that will see it conquer new horizons.

He said the firm remained undeterred by current challenges and firmly prepared to cushion the adverse effect of the market’s uncertainties through existing cost effective and new services designed to meet telecom infrastructure and broadband services demand.

“That the company’s balancing act is directed towards entrenching the values of reliability, creativity and excellence, which its brand name is synonymous to. These form the crust of the key objectives of its 13th anniversary and outlook for West Africa in 2017,” he added.

He expressed gratitude to God, stakeholders, well-wishers as well as the firm’s team of smart, resilient, creative, vibrant, dedicated and intelligent women and men who are committed to building a model powerhouse – a team solidly focused on achieving the vision of its founders and success of its clients, while riding on the strength of its partnerships to help people and businesses go further, faster and achieving sustainable economic progress in 2017 and beyond.
The company, which began operations in 2003, had pioneered optic fiber services on power lines to provide backbone and broadband services that is currently driving Nigeria’s telecoms revolution.

Phase3 has extended its reach beyond Nigeria through its partnership agreement with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).