Dignity and Class as Bola Kuforiji-Olubi Celebrates 80


There is nothing gorgeous about being draped in the finery that constricts the heart and soul. Otunba Bola Kuforiji-Olubi understands this priceless fact hence her predilection for modesty and unabashed humility.

The ravishing socialite who is reputed for her quiet demeanour effortlessly exudes dignity and class; the woman who projects as the nucleus and undying essence of the social scene even before contemporary celebrities were born, recently turned 80 and like a woman of true character and quiet nobility, she elected to celebrate her anniversary as a low-key affair.

A thanksgiving service was held at the All Saints Anglican Church, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos. Among those who graced the ocasion were former governors Peter Obi and Gbenga Daniels, fellow traditional chief Otunba Subomi Balogun, Senator Ben Obi and Bola Obasanjo, among others. Otunba Bola Kuforiji-Olubi is reputed as a trailblazer, especially among the womenfolk.

Every fool glories in his haven while it is inhabitable and the rich flaunt their abodes to the envy of an awestruck world. But what do you make of the filthy-rich who acquires expensive property at the most prohibitive price, only after death to be abandoned in a state of filth? Back then, it was a status symbol for many a billionaire and millionaire to construct magnificent castles or mansions for their dwelling. Hence it wasn’t such a rare sight to see a wealthy man with a nuclear family of four or five erect an abode that could easily pass as a five-star hotel or presidential villa.

Great dynasties have been seen to collapse after the death of their founders and when they collapse, other aspects of the proprietors’ wealth, particularly their homes and material acquisitions have been seen to sink into rapid deterioration until they are desperately sold off by the owners to raise money to keep up appearances or finance a more modest lifestyle. History is littered with foremost families’ sob stories; particularly the descent of dynasties that disappeared with the death of their founders. That brings us to the sad news of what has befallen the estate of a former national security adviser.

Eight suspected prostitutes and three men were arrested by the Lagos State Government at the abandoned home of former National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Owoye Azazi, in Ikoyi, Lagos state recently. Officials of the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit and the police from Ikoyi Police Station, stormed Azazi’s abandoned house at Number 5 Club Road, Ikoyi and arrested the women and the men. The arrest was part of the Lagos State Government’s clean up exercise in Ikoyi and Victoria Island which have been overtaken by illegal and abandoned structures.